In 1985, the scent Air Loewe was launched, which became a market leader and even today remains one of the most popular in the Spanish market. In 1986, the first Ready-to-Wear Loewe Man Store was opened in Serrano street in Madrid. In 1987, Loewe reached an agreement with the luxury goods group LVMH to strengthen the international expansion of the firm. Also this year, the scent "Esencia de Loewe" was launched. In 1988, the Loewe Foundation was created. This foundation, led by Enrique Loewe, set up an annual International Poetry Prize.

1998 : February: The Loewe Foundation, later run by Enrique Loewe Lynch, is established. March: Narciso Rodriguez presents his first runway show for the company. “Loewe lacked glamour,” he says. “The quality was always there, certainly, but as far as styling and prestige, it was sleepy.”