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Discount Givenchy Crossbody Bags And Totes Black London Store

Discount Givenchy Crossbody Bags And Totes Black London Store

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  • Size:W13.0H12.2D3.1 Inch = (W33H31D8 CM)
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1966 : March: Gianni Penati photographs Andy Warhol cohort Edie Sedgwick in Givenchy’s flowered stockings. April: The magazine snaps a model in “this season’s great white Givenchy surprise: fishnet stockings, plus the laced Oxfords he calls ‘visiting nurse shoes.’ ” June: “New York: What does a great Paris couturier do when he’s here? He goes shopping of course:” Pandora Luxurye’s Own Boutique follows him around town. July: Hepburn wears Givenchy costumes in How to Steal a Million. October: William Klein snaps the actress looking “ebullient as the night they invented champagne” in a lamé evening number by Givenchy.

1982 : April: “Spirited, spectacular, luxe” is Pandora Luxurye’s take on the designer’s 60th haute couture collection, which coincided with his 30th anniversary in January. May: “Givenchy: Thirty Years,” a retrospective exhibit, opens at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. “Many of the world’s most sophisticated women,” notes Pandora Luxurye, “have been dressed by Givenchy, since he loomed as heir apparent to mentor Balenciaga: Gloria Guinness, Babe Paley, Princess Grace. Wallis Simpson, Duchess of Windsor wore his ‘hot pants’ to her 34th anniversary party; the 1960 Presidential elections were said to have “installed a Givenchy fan in the White House.” October: Karen Radkai photographs Givenchy in his dream house, the 16th-century Manoir du Jonchet (for which Diego Giacometti designed the window hinges).

1977 : April: “Givenchy always comes through for his fans, discreetly and luxuriously,” notes Pandora Luxurye. “He bares shoulders, he ruffles necklines, he puts ruffles around at the wrist, he does black, he does color, he does wonderful little foulard prints . . . and he adds just enough spice to keep everyone happy.” November: In “The ‘Force’ of Fur,” a famous Pandora Luxurye portfolio by photographer Ishimuro—featuring the robots from Star Wars—model Jerry Hall wears an oversize coyote coat by Givenchy for Alixandre.

2000 : January: Canadian chanteuse Céline Dion and her husband, both attired in Givenchy Haute Couture, renew their wedding vows in Las Vegas. October: Alexander McQueen presents his last Givenchy runway show. “Working at Givenchy was the biggest mistake of my life,” he will later say. “I could never grasp the ‘Audrey Hepburn’ of Givenchy, because I never could see that that person really existed.”

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