1. I lost a diamond stud last year and terrified about wearing studs again. Even though I have nothing against CZs it is a lot of money to spend on a CZ. They are almost 2 carat total weight and the brand is Amora which is supposed to mimic H&A diamonds. Or, should I just buy a cheapie pair of CZs?

    Pros and cons regarding Amrora CZs and other brands are welcomed.
  2. No. Nordstrom has pretty good CZ studs. It's not realistic for me personally.
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  3. I would not. I think you can get good quality CZ for much cheaper that no one would be able to tell were different than the $1,000 version.
  4. No. You can definitely find high quality cz for less.
  5. Thanks everyone! A halo is def a better idea!
  6. No, I would not spend that much on CZ earrings, though I like CZ. WinkCZ has nice studs in 14k settings for around $300. (TPFers have had good things to say about WinkCZ over the years.) You can also buy moissonite studs for that price. CZ stones are really cheap. Check out the prices on WinkCZ. Even high-quality CZ stones are cheap. You're basically paying for the setting.
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  7. No, cheapie CZ's look just fine IMO!
  8. No. Waste of money IMO
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  9. Thanks!
  10. Agree with the others - I wouldn’t either. Happy that it sounds like you decided not to.
  11. Me too! I was so indecisive about it and dying for a pair of studs but not CZs. I also think that when the day comes, my DDs would not enjoy receiving the CZs as compared to a real diamond even if the diamond is small.
  12. Get real studs but get good insurance through someplace like Jewelers Mutual.
  13. Absolutely not.
  14. No way, that is daylight robbery. I am sort of in the same position as I also lost a diamond stud last year and as they were a decent size (.54 each, 1.08 carat total) it would now cost me £3k+ to replace them with the same cut, clarity etc as before. I really miss them but am enjoying trying out some other styles of earrings, such as diamond huggies, until I can afford to replace the studs.

    Another option to consider if you want to keep your budget within £1k is diamond halo earrings? You could definitely find a lovely pair for £1k or under and the halo and centre diamond together are generally a decent size on the ear, even if the actual carat weight is relatively modest. I’m thinking of going down this route myself until I can afford to get the solitaire diamond studs I want.
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