1. Totally agree! I had a 2.3ct untreated Colombian emerald that got chipped so I sold it as I could not stand to look at it.

    But I love emeralds so much I’m willing to try again but thinking maybe go for African this time as they are a bit clearer and less pricey than the Colombians (as I want a 4ct stone).

    But my heart loves the intensity of a Colombian emerald. May I ask what emeralds you prefer (if that is something you care about)?

    Thanks for your input on the eternity band. I was looking at a JB Star emerald eternity band (African emeralds) but I was super worried about the chips. Given your input, think I will stick with a center stone instead.
  2. I really do like Colombian emeralds - my 1 carat round and the 2.2 carat stone I have are Colombian. The eternity band and the gemstone band are both African in origin. They are very vivid and are nice too.

    The colour varies so much stone to stone. It was difficult to get the eternity band to have perfect matching stones - there is one stone that is "off" in hue more than the others (and obviously they are not all perfectly identical in shade but it's not noticeable with the rest) this drives me crazy.

    Your best bet is to judge each stone individually - see which one has the tone and green hue you like best. My two Colombian emeralds are very different in hue. Emeralds are a completely different beast than other gems and not for the novice buyer imo. I was one and I have made some costly hiccups along the way.

    I suggest hitting up Price Scope and get the coloured gem ladies and gents to weigh in. You can also get lots of advice and info.
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  3. Thanks for your input! Here is the eternity band I was looking at. JB Star uses mainly African emeralds (the Colombians they get are super expensive for me to justify). I love his band. They can also make it in ruby and sapphire as they are harder stones but i already have those gemstones. I love JB Star by the way... their gemstones and settings are gorgeous to me.

    But... as I said, based on your input about your eternity, I think I will pass.

    Thanks again! Glad to have found another emerald lover!

  4. I have seen similar styles in a half eternity and that would be perfect! Keep searching! It's a lot of money to then have to baby it and only wear it on the most special of occasions. (Even then, I chipped one of mine putting on my seatbelt)
  5. I really want a Mappin Webb fortune pendant in white gold.