1. 2008 MacBook but I'm waiting for my new 13 inch MacBook Air to be delivered. It's a time for a newer model because the trackpad is hardly working on my old computer.
  2. My 6 year old Dell laptop's battery suddenly stopped charging, so I decided to upgrade. I just got an HP Envy convertible laptop. I really love it. It can be folded to be used as a tablet, has screen rotation and it's touchscreen. Quite light for the size and very fast. The only downsize is the lack of optical drive, but one can get one anywhere for $30
  3. I have Lenovo Thinkpad E535 with added more 4GB RAM, total 8, Quadcore, but I think its time for a new one, because I have constantly busy almost 90 percent of resources.
  4. Just bought a new Dell laptop, inspiron 11.
  5. I bought a refurbished mac book pro with retina display last month. Its my first mac.
  6. Just bought a 2015 13" retina macbook pro last night :smile:
  7. Macbook in gold, wanted the space gray but it was more expensive (got it on a discount elsewhere besides Apple but legit)

    Omg I love how light it is!!! .38 pounds makes a difference for me and even then it's much better than my MacBook pro of the past.

    I hold it and it's like holding a notebook; I don't even notice any weight. Absolute worth it esp given my shoulder and love of thick leather bags
  8. Macbook pro retina 15" 2014 - just love everything nice and huge :smile:
  9. Recently purchased 13" Macbook Air ~ my very first mac! Used to have Sony Vaio
  10. Just got a lovely white and silver aluminum HP, 15.6" screen :heart:
  11. Macbook 15" mid 2014, this laptop is such a relief, I had so many issues with windows before just by doing minor stuff like email, youtube, internet.. Happy customer here!

  12. How do you like it? Wondering if I should retire my Sony Vaio too
  13. I just retired my 2008 MacBook Pro for a new MacBook Pro retina
  14. i just a got a new macbook gold. (i retired my old macbook pro) oh how i love my new one into bits! it's so lightweight, ergonomic and the gold color is so chic!
  15. I don't have laptop but i like Macbook Pro retina