1. I definitely think you can wear crossbody. I wear my GM crossbody with a longer strap
  2. Hi everyone! I have a Siena GM and would like to get an insert (probably a Samorga) and I wondered if anyone had any advice about which insert to get? There are so many options but I don't see one for the Siena GM! I would like it to fill up the bag but not change the shape. Also, I don't mind if it covers the regular pockets as I don't use the bigger Siena pocket much as it makes it pooch out! Please advise!
  3. I’m joining the club today! Here’s my MM
  4. Beautiful, congrats!
  5. Thank you! I love it.
  6. Hi there! Love all these Siena bags! I need help deciding which LV bag to purchase. I like the new South Bank Besace as I enjoy Crossbody styles and find them easier to use than other styles. However, I also have the LV Siena PM on my wishlist. I like the option to hand carry if I wanted. Both had red interior and are in canvas DE print. Which one do I get? Pros/cons or modeling shots would be helpful.

  7. Congratulations! Would you happen to know the length of the crossbody strap? TIA!