1. No, I checked out 3-4 of them in person at the shop before I found the most perfect one. I found that the made in France had more imperfection than those made in USA, so I bought one of those and it’s great!
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  2. I feel for you. I was in similar situations and "I" don't think you are being picky. You should get a good one or something that will not bother you while you use the bag! And you should be happy everytime you look at it! Good luck and please let us know what happens.:graucho:
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  3. The ones I returned were both made in France.

    Thank you both for your encouragement! I'll be sure to post pics when I finally find the right Siena.
  4. Interesting! My biggest concern was that I wanted the seams on each side to have the pattern lined up correctly, and none of the made in France was that way. I bought mine in the Forum Las Vegas store and they had a large supply so I could hunt through them easily. I also had the SA punch another hole in the strap so the length would fit me better. He did it for free. We both thought it hung too low on me, so it’s a keeper!
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  5. Glad you found the perfect Siena! Sounds like you had good SA. My former SA is no longer at the store closest to me so I was given the first available associate. She was very nice and pulled another bag for me as soon as I contacted her about the crooked strap fastener. When I showed her the bag she agreed that it was sewn on crooked however, the bag ended up back on the sales floor. She was not there when I exchanged the second bag. I was pretty disappointed when I left the store the second time. It did not go as I expected.

    I didn't know that LV SAs would/could punch a hole in the strap. I'll have to ask when I finally find my Siena.
  6. Yep, he took it in the back, punched the hole and brought it out to me!
  7. good to know:smile: I will also ask my SA if this is possible in Vienna