1. Ladies lets show those beautiful Siena's along with mod shots!
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  2. me and my siena mm :P the strap is at its longest setting.
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  3. Many thanks for sharing mod shots! May I ask how tall you are please?
  4. I am 5'2. If I dont plan on wearing it xbody, I would actually adjust the strap to ths second hole for use as a shoulder bag.
  5. Thank you. I plan to get it in the PM for xbody carry. Your mod shots helps in making the decision.
  6. e

    Hello!! So happy to see mod shots!! Is the strap for this bag have the extender strap like speedyB25?

    I'm torn over what bag to get! Turenne PM, Siena or speedyB25
  7. No the strap is not an extender strap. I originally liked (and still like) the Turenne PM. It is just so cute however it was a bit small to transfer everything over from a Speedy 30. And I like the DE a little more than the Mono. So thats now I ended up getting the Siena MM.

    For other Siena owners, when you use the bag as a shoulder bag or xbody, does the strap make the bag a little out of shape or is it just my bag is too heavy???
  8. Nice pictures! Is that the GM?
  9. CornishMon thank you for the clear pics! Is this the GM? Do you feel it's a well-made bag? Is it as light as the Speedy B?
    Kinda wish they put feet on the bottom.

  10. Yes ma'am it is the GM. More at size.

  11. I really wished it had feet too! Above is what I thought first hand. I do think the bag is well made although most DE bags are with the exception of the issues with the Delightful and NF. This bag does not have all the leather trim which is a good thing. Like the leather but not the cracking. After I carry for a few days I will have a better feel for her. She is not heavy at all which is really good too.