1. I'm wondering if my watercolor Papi is considered old or NM?

  2. Have you tried it with a crossbody strap? I have the same purse and I personally think because of the cylindrical shape of the bag it would not work well as a crossbody. But that's just me. I would try it with the crossbody strap before you decide whether to cut off the original straps.

  3. Yours is the regular one not the NM. The NM papi with the longer straps just came out a couple years ago.

  4. Oh thanks for the info.
  5. My first LV piece that got me hooked. A preloved vintage piece.

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  6. I have one in de

  7. Will you model a pic on your shoulder please
  8. Do you think the Papillon is still relevant for today's times?

  9. Yes. Its a classic
  10. Hello! These are really nice! How can I accessorize my Vernis Bedford? Ideas please! Thank you!
  11. Purchased a vintage mono 30 with companion today so excited and patiently waiting to get them!
  12. Arrived today! 😆

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  13. Question - what is the strap drop from the older ones to the NM ones please??