1. I'm dragging my family downtown today for a family fun day, but really I just want to pop into LV about my poor broken down bag.
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  2. I've had my Monogram Iena since August 2016. No such wear and tear anywhere on the canvas, even the corners you've pictured. It's also once of the three bags I cycle through, so I wear it pretty often, weather permitting in Florida (no rain).
  3. LV was very kind when I brought it in yesterday. Was told that issues with either the canvas or the straps within one year were defects, and they replaced it on the spot.

    This was the LV inside DT Seattle / Flagship Nordstrom.
  4. Is the canvas different on the Neverfull vs. the Iena? I see several agree that the Iena wouldn't be as substantial as the Neverfull even though it has a zipper and wider straps. Why is that?
  5. I'm generally not a tote person, more of a crossbody gal but I fell in love with the Iena MM when I saw it. For reference I'm 5'1 and 120 lbs.
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  6. I think it is not as strong as the neverfull because of both the canvas and the design. The canvas is softer and slightly more rubbery. The straps are not one piece on the iena and the hinge area (i know that’s not the right word .... can’t think of it) where the straps attach to the bag is a weak spot. The neverfull may show cosmetic wear over time but the straps can support more weight.
  7. I have never figured out how to post pictures here correctly, so I have no modeling pics to show. But I wanted to say I got an Iena PM in mono about a week ago and I LOVE this bag!

    The PM is small, but that is what I need. I have shoulder and neck issues, so I am trying to carry a handbag in a size that will encourage me to limit how much I am carrying around. It's a process. lol

    I generally carry a Sarah wallet, a cosmetic pouch ( don't know the size, not too big, not too small...) a key cles, reading glasses in a case, I put some paper odds and ends in the little front zip pocket and I put my agenda in the large inside slip pocket. My phone and tissues go in the two smaller slip pockets. If I push everything to one side, I can fit a water bottle in there. That is all that will fit, unless I start stacking. I don't like stacking, so I am hoping this will be all I carry.

    I usually carry my NFs a lot. I LOVE them, too, but I really need to stop carrying so much on a regular basis and with the NF MM it is too easy for me to just keep adding to the load. Plus my husband will often say "Hey, can you put this in your purse?" :P

    I purchased the Iena grudgingly. I couldn't find any of the other older bags I would have rather had, Totally PM, Delightful PM, Odeon PM . I waited too long to make up my mind! But I really needed a smaller bag, so I thought I'd give the Iena a try.

    Imagine my surprise when it turned out that I really do love this bag and it is much prettier in person than it is in online pictures. Who knew?

    I am guessing for most people the MM size would be more practical, but for me the PM is perfect.

    If anyone is considering this bag and you like totes, I can recommend the Iena. It's a very nice handbag. I was pleasantly surprised!
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  8. Thank you for this. There's only a handful of video reviews and I saw them showing closeups of where the strap attaches on the Iena. Has anyone had it detach? I guess I was really thinking the Iena would be the perfect bag for carrying a laptop when needed, it has the zipper and the shoulder strap looks more comfortable, but maybe the Neverfull would be better and more secure with an organizer.
  9. I don’t think lv bags detach often there but it can happen. I wouldn’t use the iena for daily laptop carrying but occasional use would probably be ok.
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  10. At work today :heart:
  11. This is such a great functional bag,easy and carefree.
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  12. True. I like the functionality and relaxed shape of this more than Neverfull, which I originally bought and eventually replaced by Iena because of the comfier straps.
  13. My Iena is coming from there! I spoke to Matthew over the phone and he was soooooo helpful. Glad they were able to replace it for you!
  14. The DE print is gorgeous. I'm tempted to get a second in DE.
  15. Loooove your Pusheen charm! ❤️