1. I got interested in this bag when it came out in a DE print and was surprised there is no clubhouse for this model. It seems like this is the only competitor for Totally, which has been very popular. Would love to see pictures, mod shots and reviews..
  2. Im interested as well :smile: i was hoping they released in the azur pm.
  3. So glad someone started a clubhouse for the Iena. Surprised it didn't happen sooner. Thanks for kicking it off.
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  4. + 1 ... I'm going to check out the Iena DE PM tomorrow. Been stalking this bag for a while:smile:
  5. There is an azur pm! I bought it yesterday at one of the LV's boutiques in Barcelona. It was a surprise because they only had the mm available on their website but I asked in the store and they told me they had only one left at the store
  6. I tried both sizes today

    This is the MM


    This is PM
    FullSizeRender 2.jpg
    I think the Iena PM was better on my frame. Beautiful bag but I ended of with the Favorite MM in DE .
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  7. Went in for a speedy & left with this cutie (I fell hard for the RB interior). It's the pm size.
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  8. Thanks so much!
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  10. I absolutely will. I will say that I am returning the pm size to get the mm. I thought the pm size would work, but anything outside of my essentials (Emilie wallet, key cles, toiletry 15, sunglass case, agenda pm, & round Coin purse) stresses the bag in my opinion.
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  11. Does anyone have modeling shots of the DA? I have the DE and I love it so much I'm contemplating getting the DA as well!!!
  12. Im utterly in love with my Iena MM! Such a perfect "mommy" / "everyday" bag! & the damier ebene is perfect for our bipolar island weather (rainy in the morning sunny in the afternoon, then rainy again at night...)
  13. I'm dying for this in the MM