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  2. Taking this beauty out to feel the Valentine's Day vibe! :heart: She is the the ultimate fav aside from the classic alma bb in de! :heart:
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  3. Hello, does anyone know from when to when the epi was produced in saphir? Thank you!
  4. My Alma collection so far, PMs and BBs. Now considering size MM for next. Maybe vernis amarante or monogram canvas...:cool: but I’m also tempted by damier ebene bb :loveeyes: so hard to choose!!

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  5. Hi all,

    I am currently considering the Alma PM in Damier Ebene. I am not typically a structured bag girl- I own the Artsy MM, Speedy 30, and the Favorite PM. I just can’t stop thinking about the Alma. Do y’all find it too structured? Is the tapered zipper an issue? Does the bag stick out far when carrying in the crook of your arm? Thank you in advance!!

  6. Haha this is me too. I’ve been on the waiting list for Alma MM and every time I get to the top I chicken out. I went to the store to see this irl but the SA took one look at my bags ( Artsy and Speedy 35 ( brought this in to have the handles changed) and said youre not a structured bag person and brought out the Noe and Neo Noe. I got the Neonoe and have since sold this. I recently got the Cluny MM but still hankering for Alma too. Go and try it in store. Put all your stuff in it and see how you get on.
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