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  2. That's my beauty. ;)
  3. That's pretty frustrating, did you ask the SA why their one window bag wasn't showing in stock? Maybe it got delivered at the same time yours did. I've been checking the Alma BB inventory online and noticed lately that Rose Ballerine can be Placed in Cart, when that color has been out for a loonngg time.

    I have my own suspicions about why that is. I saw it in store today too. Alma BB is on my wishlist once I pick a color. :smile:
  4. Yes I did tell them that cs had told me there were none in stock in Charlotte (could never get thru to the Charlotte boutique directly) and the manager said they had just received it that day. I wonder if it was a return because I can't see a bag that is being discontinued being shipped to one of their smaller boutiques. I would think they would leave it in their web inventory and sell the remainder off the website.
  5. Oh yeah that sounds likely, maybe it was a return. At least you could've had two to choose from if anything was wrong with yours!
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