1. Can you carry the Evora on the shoulders( not with the long strap). Thinking on getting one in Damier azur but I love shoulder tote like slouchy bags. I love the Evora design bcse it satisfies all I want in one purse but not sure if I'd be able to carry on my shoulder with the short straps. Help me please.
  2. There are a few YouTube videos that show shoulder drop. Check them out. Good luck. I still love mine and will never sell her.😆
  3. Thanks,I just checked. It was helpful.
  4. Do you guys think the Evora MM is too big as a daily bag?

    I bought one four years ago, but only used it a handful of times.

    I found that it does't work well with uni stuff, hence the limited times of use.

    What do you guys think?
  5. Not at all! I love mine and use it nearly everyday. I tend to grab my DE Favorite when I need something a good bit smaller.

    I think it does depend on your own personal needs, though. I love organization, so I prefer the pockets.

    I keep my phone & keys in the front pocket, receipts in one inside pocket and important documents (i.e. car insurance, small back-up calendar, etc.) in the other inside pocket. I also carry a lv wallet, lv cosmetic bag (medicine, feminine products, hand sanitizer/wipes, lip balm, hair ties, etc.), epi pens, chanel sunglasses in the case, a small travel hair brush and occasionally my iPad or iPad Mini.

    It's definitely not packed and I could probably remove a few items, but I've found that I tend to need them when I do that lol. Anyway! I love this bag, the option to carry a lot of things and the ability to carry it on my shoulder or arm :smile:
  6. Wow, you packed it well :smile:

    Maybe I am not as organised as you haha. But I found that the opening is not as wide as I want it to be for college books and such.

    Was thinking about the neverfull? But not sure...
  7. lol I am definitely organized. Yeah, the GM may have been able to fit books, but you're right about the MM :sad:

    My college roommate got the DE Neverfull GM when she went to law school! She would put her MacAir, books, note books, wallet, etc. in it. It definitely holds a lot.

    A co-worker of mine got it in DA to double as a purse + diaper bag, and one of our other friends just got it in DE and currently has it cinched with o-rings.

    I love it and would probably get one, but I like thicker straps.... maybe one day!
  8. Thanks
  9. No problem! :biggrin:
  10. Hi to all beautiful ladies here, would anyone happen to know what year was the evora finally discontinued?
    Thanks in advance☺️