1. What I can fit in:

    Epi Sarah Wallet
    Lip Gloss
    Ear Piece
    Tissue Paper


    But I certainly do not recommend that as the wallet itself is already heavy and huge, taking up space in the FAVORITE and also add on weight to the bag.

    I switch the wallet to a functional coin purse, add in a portable Chanel Perfume:


    Much more space left. A joy to carry.

    For all, no more wonders~~~ We could carry the FAVORITE in style as well as there is no need to tweak the strap like the EVA where it is super long!!

    The strap is just nice for me 5'3.... Yeah, hope for everyone!!
  2. I keep coming back to admire your Favorite. I tried to talk myself out of this bag when I first saw it earlier this week because I'm trying to be thrifty, but I give up! I love it and can't wait to join this club with you. Now I have to wait until the LV stores close to me get it back in stock. I don't see it available online yet.
  3. Thanks for posting the measurements of the PM and MM, as well as the great modeling pics!

    I went to the boutique ready to buy an Eva, but it just didn't suit me. The SA mentioned an upcoming bag tht I might like better, and now I know that the Favorite is the bag he meant. I can definitely see one of these in my future!

    How does the flap close? Is there a magetized snap? HIdden magnet?

    Could you please measure the leather strap end to end (clasps included?)

    Thanks a ton!
  4. I'm in!!! I will post pics this weekend. DH and I stopped by LV tonight after dinner. I wasn't expecting them to have any in the MM size in stock since the LV boutique inside Neiman Marcus (in the same mall as the main LV store) was sold out, but they had 8 in the store, all made in France. DH loved the way it looked on me, which surprised me because he really doesn't care for LV in general.

    Love, love, love this bag! The plum interior is such a nice touch. I'm returning my new pochette that I just purchased on Monday as the Favorite is going to live up to its name as my favorite bag.
  5. There is a hidden magnet closure. I just put my leather strap on tonight, but I will take it off and find a measuring tape for you tomorrow. It's much shorter than the Eva's strap, which to me is a fabulous thing!
  6. The pictures are lovely! Thank you for the descriptions. I wish to join this club soon. :biggrin: Although, I do have to try it on first.
  7. I went to the store today and was dead set not to get another mono bag. Then the SA showed me both PM and MM size. Oh my goodness, I love them. I couldn't make up my mind which one to get. The PM looks nicer and cuter on me but the MM is more functional. The strap is just the perfect length for cross body wear. My SA thinks MM is nicer and more useful. I am still undecided which size to get. Will be going back to the store tomorrow to get one. And yeah, DH likes them too although he can't really tell the difference between the two sizes. :biggrin:
  8. I am really thinking this is like the 1st LV bag most DH are in favor of~!! My DH surprisingly finally after countless times of looking at LV bag together with me, for the first time AGREED to the bag is 'quite nice, not bad' comment!!

    alf13, I am so glad you got it~!! Am sure you would enjoy it. Can't wait to see your pics.. Nice mod pics if possible as well :smile:
    It is the perfect bag, so comfy when in messenger style...

    snarfy, DH prefer the PM but I prefer the MM. PM is cute and for nights out. But what I fit in my MM can be fit into PM as well.
    It is just the overall look of MM seem nicer, that's why I chose the MM.

    isabellam, believe alf13 replied to your questions. I hope more people are able to post their FAVORITE here as well :smile:
  9. Wow looks good :smile:
    So it's out in Sg already? What's the name of this bag?
    Only in Mono?
  10. If you do read, it is call FAVORITE. Well in fact at the first post already mention price of PM & MM. And also introducing mine as 'FAVORITE MM'.
  11. I'm sorry!! Didn't get that initially. It's v pretty n versatile. It will be next on my wish list :smile:
  12. I love this new bag and I want one! dinitegrity you are so pretty and the Favorite MM totally suits you! :yes:
  13. Sure no problem :smile: Looking forward to you joining the club~!! It really is versatile!! Love it so much!!