1. I'd go for 28 or 29. Oversized watch is not a trend I enjoy. Actually I like 28 the most on your elegant wrist)

  2. Storage is full, so I have to start to replace the one or the other. Actually I don´nt know which one first._DSC1015.JPG
  3. I’m biased but I own the 3rd one and love it!
    I dislike the all diamond bezel in real life but wanted some bling. The 3rd is subtle which I love. Also adore the everose and chocolate dial combo. The 31 mm size is flattering on most wrists.
    I find the 28-29 mm size a little too small/formal personally.IMG_1514268964.008574.jpgIMG_1514269017.290211.jpg
  4. That’s a gorgeous watch! I want one! I like that the diamonds are so subtle. I’m not a fan on the all diamond bezel on a Rolex either. It seems too casual a watch for that. Now on a nice Patek, that’s another story.
  5. I have a question. What do you think about 26mm rolex? Rolex do not produce it anymore, but it is possible to find one with reseller. It turns out it matches my wrist the best. What do you think? Would you wear it? Tnx, ladies!
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  6. I own two 26mm and I love them. I have tiny wrists and the 26 fits me best. Call around, certain retailers may still have the 26mm.
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  7. Which size fits better on my wrist? I work in a very formal office environment.
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  8. I like the one on the right.
  9. Smaller!
  10. I think they both look excellent!
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  11. Mine is a 26mm and I love it!!!
  12. I like the 31mm, looks great on the long run and easier to read the date on the 31.
  13. Typically I prefer smaller watches, but I prefer the larger one on you. It pops and I definitely prefer the white MOP. Both look great though!
  14. I like the one on the right