1. Thanks slang! I definitely remember your set up more clearly with this plastic sleeve. Right now I carry the passport holder EMPTY in my bag, just so I feel like I'm "using" it. LOL (how lame):shocked: :nuts: I'm too devoted to my Sarah wallets. :hrmm:
  2. Thanks! :flowers:
  3. Awwww that's cute that you carry it empty just to have it!
    I'm more lame, I just take my pieces out and lay them down just to stare at them LOL!
    I want one more - something in orange (since I had to return the new passport cover I ordered which was in orange and the colour was gorgeous!)
    The mini pochette is too small for my needs, hopefully they will be adding some new items again soon!!
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  4. This is my favorite combo. I desperately want to order this but I already have 2 mini pochettes and I'm having a hard time justifying it. I can't wait to see pics of yours, maybe it' t push I need!
  5. Thanks. I had also considered vert clair/fuchsia but it was too similar to the stripes on my Transatlantic MP. i think the MP is def a "must have SLG" so you can't go wrong with owning multiples (I have 3 now, all Christmas animations). It's also a great 'tester' item before getting a mon mono Neverfull - on my wishlist next:smile:
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  6. This is gorgeous. I see that you got to review actual physical samples. Do you if this is supposed to be available in all stores? I was not given this option in the store when I ordered my NF.
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  7. What a pretty combo!! I'm so hoping they will let you order the mini pouchette online soon. There are no stores in my state, so doing it in store is not an option for me. I hoard mini pouchettes, so I gotta have a Mon Mono one soon! :biggrin:
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  8. I just posted in the main forum as well, I think new colors are coming for mon monogram! When I ordered a card holder via iPad at the boutique Saturday, there was no fuchsia but berry freesia. This could be why it’s been off the website last few days. Excited to see new colors, I wished I had paid better attention on Saturday!
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  9. Crap! I half hope this isn't totally true. I have a card holder in jaune and fuchsia and wanted the MP to match.
    The other half of me is excited for new options. I just noticed the MWT option isnt in the website today but was yesterday.
  10. I hear you. I will let you know how the fuchsia and freesia match up when I get my card holder in a few weeks. I wish they could’ve given us a couple weeks warning since many of us may have wanted to match colors!
  11. That's exciting, the card holder and mini pochette are available online. And they finally updated it so you can design on your phone!
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  12. Yay. One letter!!!
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  13. Thanks for the info- off to play on the EU site now!
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  14. LOL....that's what I'm doing too! :biggrin:
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