1. We have an anniversary coming up and I'm trying to decide between two bands that are quite different.
    Is the 7 stone ring (.30 points each stone) more of a cocktail type ring to be worn occasionally? Or is it better to go with the more practical channel set band. I like them both but they are quite different. Any thoughts?

    [​IMG] upload_2018-1-19_19-45-5.png

  2. I like the first. Very pretty.
  3. How will you wear it? With another ring? On your left hand? Right? Everyday?
  4. Thanks for your opinion.

    I would probably wear the eternity band it daily or stacked with other bands I have.

    The 7 stone ring I would probably wear on its own because of the size of the stones. I'm not sure it would stack well.
  5. I love the second ring, it's so classic for everyday or occasions. Its honestly timeless IMO
  6. I like the second one the best. It's lovely!
  7. I really like the 2nd one
  8. The second one would be stunning as a daily ring on its own!
  9. 2nd ring!
  10. I like them both but I prefer the second. I have a 5 stone version. Both are gorgeous you can’t go wrong.
  11. I think you will get more sparkle out of ring 2 and you can wear it regularly. Happy anniversary!
  12. I like the 2nd. Happy Anniversary! I would wear it everyday.
  13. Thank you for letting me know which you like better. I really appreciate everyone's opinion.
    I still haven't made a decision. I'm going to see if I can find something similar in person and try them on. That might help me make my decision.
  14. I like the eternity. I don’t like half-eternity bands. They look unfinished to me.

    I love your emerald cut eternity. It’s unique and gorgeous. Most of all, I love that it’s a full eternity so when you move your hands, all you see it sparkle.

    I would definitely get an eternity but I would get round stones. The emerald cut is beautiful but it will not be as brilliant as a round.

    Just my two cents. Congratulations to you!
  15. By the way, if you are open to other designs, I love the Tiffany Victoria Alternating Eternity. It’s gorgeous, you can wear it daily on your right hand, and I love the idea of the Xs and Os (hugs and kisses) for an anniversary band.

    Just a thought. Here is a photo:

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