1. It’s $1920 in US.
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  2. FoxyLV just posted more MWT stickers. Lipstick lips!!!

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  3. Thank you very much!
  4. I’m just happy that the new stickers are from
    cities that I haven’t visited yet. All the city stickers I chose are of cities that I personally have visited and enjoyed.
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  5. Same here. Also, LV only allowed two city stickers anyway, so I had to choose. I'm just hoping there aren't any that are released that I wanted MORE than the ones I got. :biggrin:
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  6. Are there any more stickers to be released? And if yes, when are they to be expected and are there new goodies we can adorn them with?
  7. I have no idea. When the other new stickers were released in the past, there were no announcements or anything. As a matter of fact they just blended in with the original stickers!
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  8. I love it with lots of stickers!
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  9. Mines looks like that too
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  10. Just got my world tour items. Love the new iPhone case
  11. My World Tour is now available online in some countries.

    000057sb.jpg 000057sa.jpg
  12. So awesome to be able to play around with it in the comfort of your own home in your own city and state!

    I'm not bitter at all! :panic:
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  14. That is awesome news!! Any idea when it will be available online in the usa?
  15. Maybe soon World tour link is gone right now. Maybe it will come back. Looks like they are working on something
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