1. Me too! Schoulder????

    Good to hear yours will be waiting for you when you get home!!!!! Post lots of pics!
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  2. Mine just came in this morning and I just picked it up! I'm so in love!!!

    It arrived 3.5 weeks early!
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  3. New patch alert. I should be happy that it’s something I don’t like, but instead I’m pissed because if LV starts releasing something I’ve been waiting for I will....do absolutely nothing and just complain about it on the forums. They already have a ton of my money; so what.


    Anyway, poodle in pink! Surprised it’s a poodle? Or surprised it’s pink? I’m surprised it’s pink. I never thought they’d pick this color. Ever.

  4. You are so funny! Love it!
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  5. I love it too! Hopefully this means they‘re releasing new patches very soon!
  6. Finally got a chance to unpack my My World Tour Speedy. I'll post pics soon, but here's a question. I've seen drawstring bags for the Speedy. Based on the way the SA treated me over text and when she called me and the communication to get the bag sent, I have the feeling that she switched dustbags. This is a different SA from the one I ordered from...maybe she's on vacation or gone? Shrug. I'm beyond ticked off and I want my drawstring bag. Is this a norm for the World Tours? I also had another special order as well, and that has some weird issues I'm not liking. When I asked for pics before she sent it off since I wasn't there, she said, "well I already put it in the box". I thought that was just poor customer service, so I didn't push it. But this is blatant. Just a poor presentation.

    TL;DR, I want my drawstring bag for my MWT Speedy! #WhiningOver
  7. Hmmm. I didn’t get a drawstring bag. Now I want one too!
  8. Also, post pics!
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  9. I did not get a drawstring bag with my My World Tour Speedy either....
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  10. Oh okay, no drawstrings...I feel a teeny bit better. But I HAVE seen them in the reveals, so probably another LV move to cut costs as usual. I will post pics. Just gotta get my camera out.
  11. I didn’t get a drawstring bag for my speedy
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  12. First impressions:

    1) HOW NEAT...to have a monogram purse and not have to worry about the vachetta!!! When I opened the box and took out the Speedy, that was the VERY FIRST THOUGHT that crossed my mind. Like, wow, I wasn't even on #TeamNoVachetta. It wasn't a big deal to me, but seeing it up close is pretty amazing. Of course, back in the day I wasn't even a fan of the monogram, and look at me now...gotta have it!

    2) Where the hell is my drawstring bag??!! But looks like that question is answered already. So I'll drop it. For now...*narrowing eyes*
    Jazzy's Bags_2531.jpgJazzy's Bags_2556.jpg
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  13. I love, love, love this combination of monogram and black leather. However, I'm not looking forward to having to break in the touch black leather strap. After all these years, I think it's time for LV to start change their materials to make it easier on their customers' backs. My opinion. After a recent doctor's visit, I have to change out a few bags. A blessing and a curse *mischievous grin*. I digress; LV did really well with this release. The combination of the monogram, black leather, stickers, everything!, it meshes well.

    The headphone sticker: I would have rather NOT having the white outline...it does not look good at all. And that was actually one of the stickers I HAD to have. Oh well.
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  14. Seeing the other reveals, I wondered if I should have toned down the amount of stickers. But I remembered why I purchased this...to highlight my world travels, duh! If LV had more sizes, I would definitely order 35 or something. Maybe a Europe bag, and an Asia bag or something like that. Wow, great idea! So I was having reservations about that. Also, you never know what the combination is going to look like in real life since of course the iPad is computer generated.

    I could have probably taken it both ways: Full of stickers, or no stickers. I love the monogram and black leather combination regardless.

    The stickers are very "shiny"...almost like they are still wet and sensitive to touch. Do they need more curing? I don't know.

    The pouch is part of another reveal that's yet to happen. *wink, wink*
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  15. Does anyone know the current price of the Speedy B30 World Tour? I swear I saw it online last weekend but now I can't find it. Called and they said, "about $2000".