1. skinny single sole heels without platforms always turn wobbly and lean outwards, can they fix this problem? How about the insider beige insoles? Can that be replaced? Thanks
  2. Hi,

    Has anyone sent more than one pair at a time to MM7 London? Just been quoted extortionate price £30 :wtf: to send a pair of shoes back to me in Scotland. I was wondering if I sent 2 pairs at a time will I be charged 2 separate fees to get them back?

    Slightly annoyed that I'm being charge an extra £5 just for living in Scotland last time I checked we were still part of Mainland UK!
  3. Wilson

    I am from Glasgow and have been quoted the same for the mens shoes I want to send. They said it was an extra £10 per shoe so two pairs would be £40 shipping back. Slightly ridiculous I know!

  4. Not sure about the wobbly heels, but yes you can replace the beige insoles. It costs €22.
  5. Hi there..I have a question about the Leather Spa in NYC.. I did a search but can't find my answer..

    I live in Upstate NY so would have to send my CL's for vibram's via UPS...So I just fill out a form and send them and they contact me for payment when done? Anyone know how the mail order process works? I see so many great reviews here about them on the forum..is it the truly the best place to send them? Noone here around me even knows what a Louboutin is.. :sad:

    Any help wpuld be aprreciated..immensely..thanx!
  6. I just found out about the MM7. Should I send my shoes to MM7 before I wear them to get the red sold to protect them? Or I only send it after the sole is worn out? The red sole is really easy to get worn out. Not sure if the loubie sole MM7 put on is tougher?
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    Hi, was just googling for information a few days back about MM7 (as per my SA's recommendation) and stumbled upon this thread. I'm currently living in Paris and just returned from the MM7 Paris store.

    Brought in my new Bianca 140s this morning, and the artisan said the soles have to be worn down a fair bit (in her words, to preferably "walk about on the streets for 1-2weeks"); it's not possible to fix the rubber pads on smooth soles. Alternatively, it should be worn at least once, after which the soles will be treated to desired effect by the cobbler. This is to ensure the perfect thickness of rubber pads, as the soles are naturally worn down differently for each individual. Average waiting time is strictly a month.
  8. I have not yet been to MM7 in London, and apologies if this has been pointed out already in this thread, but I found out that one can drop off their Loubs to any CL boutique or concession in London, and they will pass the shoes on to MM7 at no additional cost. I didn't do it when I was there last week, but knowing this will definitely be more convenient for me to drop off and pick up next time I'm there.
  9. Just called up to enquire about turnaround time for the rubber vibram soles and London is super busy with a current wait time of 2 months 😫
  10. I know it is so so annoying, I went down there about a month ago, as I really want to try MM7, but again I was told 2 months, turnaround. I mentioned before, that I have found another Shoe Repairer, very close to White-Cross Street.(Other side of Old Street) I had 2 x pairs of Tulip C/L's and wanted to get the 2mm thick (Stick on) Vibram sole protectors fitted, that I have heard so much about.
    I was not going to wait 2 Months. So off I went again to Hoxton Shoe Repairs, for £25 each pair and completed within 7 days..Impressed.... There were cheerful, helpful, clean & polite. (check out their Google reviews, that is how I found them originally.) They have told me that there do all the over-flow work for C.L. direct & also have many Thank You's posted on walls, from C.L. Press Office.(U.K.) Much as I do want to experience the service at MM7, I just have not got the patience... Plus this Repairer has always carried out any repair, I have asked for. If you want a link..

    They apparently accept postal deliveries from all over U.K. Also, I have a pair of Shoes,(wedding trashed) I need Shampooing, I might try them to do this & report back.
    Hope this is helpful.

  11. Great to know about this other resource! :tup:
  12. Do you ladies insure your shoes when you ship them abroad for repairs?
    I just insured mine and got slapped with $1200 in import duties. Claimed the package as goods for repairs and ended up getting them sent back to me right from the Customs :sad: Now I'm thinking about trying to ship them again... How do you guys do it?? Heeeeelp
  13. That is amazing. That is great to know that they can do that! Thanks for sharing!
  14. Wow that is amazing. Thanks for your post!
  15. Thank you so much for your wonderful help ! In sure all the ladies are thankful for this information you provided !