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    Exciting news, ladies!

    Just got word from Cordonierre (exclusive CL cobbler) about some pricing

    to replace red leather sole (94€)
    to get a half red Louboutin sole in rubber as pictured above (18€)

    other repairs on CLs are possible depending on what they have in stock.
    ex: changing out damaged heels is 50€

    Shipping price is
    15€ in France
    30€ in Europe
    40€ for international

    This does not include shipping to them though.

    For obvious reasons, they will not sell you the soles separately. You have to send your shoes.

    10 Passage Véro Dodat
    75001 PARIS
    +33(0)142 211 547



    This info has also been added to the Cobbler Resource thread.


    Minuit Moins 7
    163-165 Whitecross Street
    London EC1Y 8JT

    Ph: +44 (0) 207 608 2330
  2. LOVE the rubber soles!!!
  3. It's awesome to know we can possibly get heels replaced too! I know many of us have had previously irreparable accidents. Fabulousl!!!!
  4. This is an AMAZING resource! Thanks J!
  5. I'm so excited for this! Thanks for posting jet!
  6. Omg thanks soooooooooo much jet!!
  7. Awesome!! Thanks sooo much for the info, Jet!
  8. That is Magnifique!
  9. Awesome! Thx Jet!
  10. thanks for the info, Jet. Any word on turn-around time?
  11. Thank so much Jet! Do you know if they can color match Louboutin heels as well? I have some "bald" patches on a pair of specchio heels that my cobbler can't match.
  12. Damaged heels u mean they will change the whole heel?
  13. Excellent question and my problem as well!! Awesome news, too!! :yahoo:
  14. Thank Goodness you posted this. I am sending my grey Ron Ron's out to have the heel replaced. I already e-mailed and am waiting for a reply. Lets pray they can do it.
  15. Yes, they can replace the whole heel if CL still has the appropriate materials. It's best to email them first to make sure they can do it before you send your shoes.

    It would not be worth it send for new heel taps, imo!