1. And as an additional note, perhaps instead of inserting a picture, just add a hyperlink to the pictures you have or have online on the very last column (or the author of the sheet can probably add a column next to the style name)? I have added size 4 and 5 of what I have to this one, which I thought is the most updated.

  2. Pls i want insole measurement for
    Altadama In sizes 41.5
    And Hyper Prive in size 42
  3. Girls, what happened to the insole measurement spreadsheet on google Docs again?!? ...it seems to disappear all the time. Anyone have a back up of it and could upload it again and post a working link?

    Thank you! :smile:
  4. I'd like to add:

    Decollete, patent, size 38 - 10 inches
    Rolando, patent, size 38 - 9 3/4 inches
  5. It would be great if someone could add measurements for any shoes in size 42. =)

  6. Bianca 140mm in size 42 = 10.7/8 and size 41.5 = 10.6
    Mago 140mm in size 42 = 10.7/8
    Lady peep 150mm in size 42 = 27cm
    Hyper prive 120mm in size 42 = 27cm
    VP 120mm in size 42 = 11 inches
    Filter 140mm in size 42 : 27.5cm
    Metalipp 120mm in size 42 : 27.2cm
    Altadama 140mm in size 41 = 26cm, size 41.5 = 27cm
    Daffodilesize 42= 11 inches

    That is the best i can do for now.
    Hope it helps.
  7. Thank you so so much, this is super helpful for me!!!
  8. Glad i can help you.
    But try and find out the style you want because some styles are better to size down while some are better to size up and others in TTS. And also do you want them in Patent or suede.
    I heard Suede stretches alot but my patent didnt stretch at all.
    Eg, my TTS is 41.5 but i have
    Banana and Greissimo in sizes 41
    Lady Peep and Bianca in size 42
    Altadama, HP and VP and etc in sizes 41.5
    Bana 41 was ok but i couldnt close the buckle and altadama 100mm in size 42 was way TOO BIG for me.
  9. I am super glad that there actually are styles with an insole of 27 to 28 cm. In Germany it happens quite often that the label says size 42 when it actually is a 40 (which is frustrating). So I am very happy to see that I will find some Cls where the label won't "lie" to me. =)
  10. I understand what you mean and you would be lucky to find your true size in Germany.
    Glad to assist you:smile:
    Let me know when you buy your first CL.:graucho:
    Good Luck
  11. I was wondering if anyone knew whether or not i should order up 1/2 size or 1 full size in the simple 70mm. i'm usually a size 5 in other shoes, what should i get?
    i looked at the spreadsheet (great idea, btw) and i didn't see it.

  12. Hi can someone help I'm confused.. I measured my foot at 9.5 inchs what size would I wear in Pigalle 100 8 or 8.5?
  13. Hi does anyone have insole and width measurements for Pigalle 120mm size 39.5 and size 40? Thank you so much x
  14. BEST THREAD EVER!:tup:I'm gonna add mine when my Maggie Glitter arrives..