1. Does anyone know what kind of bag this is? This is a hand me down from my cousin. I don't want to go to all the way to Fendi. It will save me a lot of time if someone knows. Thanks a lot!
  2. Thanks a lot girl!!!
  3. that particular bag looks like a fake to me...fendi never hangs the tags on their bags like that..
  4. I'm surprised that they could have small fendi spys now .. maybe it's something that unscrupulous manufacturers are coming up with? I just would have thought have thought that we would have seen a celeb "debuting" the small fendi spy first .. it's not on the NM or Saks websites ..
  5. I agree, my sister just bought the spy and sent it to me (to avoid NY sales tax) and its really big!!! I don't think they make small ones.
  6. Yes, they do make the small spys. I see them at the Fendi store awhile ago in black, brown, blue and etc colors. Personally, I think the regular spy bag looks alot better than their small spy bags.
  7. I have to concur with Irissy. Fendi does make the small spy, but I like the regular spy a lot better. Not sure if that is an authentic spy or fake, if infact it is fake...they are making it very hard to spot.
  8. I think its called the small boston satchel spy or w/e. The metallic-ish color could have been the vintage leather.
  9. ooohh....i'd like a small spy!
  10. Yeah, this 'style' came out about 6 months (or so) ago. Personally, it looks like a football to me ... can't say I'm really keen on it.
  11. If it was a coppery colour, the Holt Renfrew in Toronto still has the spy hobo.. I saw it again yesterday and it was still there to haunt (and taunt) me !
  12. I am calling now! thanks Ayla!!!!!!!....Saw it on E-lux. a few weeks ago, Love it for a metallic, I will see If it is worth it!

    They don't open till 10:00!!!!....It's the hobo right? I actually want the metallic in the hobo, not the spy, I loved it...will post pics if I get it!!!!!
  13. It's the Spy satchel; Fendi started making them for the fall 2005 collection. I am not a big fan; I prefer my original Spy.