1. Thanks... your link is such great:smile:
  2. Want them all!
  3. I have a white/black spy bag that i bought at a trunk show in 2007. I would post pics but it's away at the cleaners right now. After browsing this forum though (looking for repair suggestions...the tube thing came off), I'm starting to think that I might have been carrying a really good fake all this time! :cry: :pout:

    Did they make the white/black one with a black braided tube, or just with the white leather tube? The red and green ones both have the colored braided tube, but the photos i saw of LL's white/black bag had a white leather tube.

    So, fendi authorities...what's the verdict?
  4. There is another thread in the Fendi Section that deals with Authenticity: http://forum.purseblog.com/fendi/authenticate-fendi-please-read-rules-use-format-post-590716.html - photos will be needed with the details from post #1 on that thread.;)
  5. Great !
  6. Wow. .. The last time anyone talked about the Spy was years ago.
  7. Hi! Can anyone please tell me when was the last "release" of the spy bag?