1. OOOOHHHHH BV and a pink T-shirt!!! how olds ur BV messenger? Has it aged well?

    And yes! That is the YSL tote I'm talking about! Although, have you seen this! Isn't it bloody tempting?!

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    thank you

    It's ageing beautifully, had it for 5-6 years now and still looks brand new but gone oh soooo soft. I do baby this bag slightly more than the rest but I do loaded up, it can handle it ;)

    The SDJ Souple looks so fine. Reminds me of the HAC a bit.
    I am looking for a east west style, was actually eyeing the "duffle" version. :smile: Will have to try them on.
    the saint laurent in town only carries women's wear, but will check when traveling to Berlin and New York.
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  3. Hey @Heda97 here are some mod shots of my puzzle. I absolutely love it and the leather is soooo soft! I've had it for about 3yrs now and since then, I think Loewe has released men's versions - one size bigger (the XL puzzle), and a version that is made with grained leather. I think the bigger size and grained leather will be better suited for ur use?



    Maybe just get both the Dot Com and Puzzle
  4. MontBlanc leather bags and products are underrated! While I don't actually have a bag from them, I've used multiple wallets and card cases from them and they've aged beautifully, or hardly at all!

    And have you listened to "Reaper" by Sia? That song just makes me wanna bop!! Now I know you're also a fan of briefcase style bags but in colours other than black, so I'm sharing my not-so-fendi related #WIMB with you


    The bag is a laptop briefcase bag from Bally (holds a special place in my heart and wardrobe as their bags were my first luxury purchases) and in a mustard colour . It's winter Down Under here so I have my trusty alpaca scarf I got from S.America, my epi leather agenda, and a Gucci pouch that holds all my other random crap
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  5. Woah! that puzzle bag looks so great on you! PerfecT size and the colour is just divine!

    I like the men's version too but actually missing the top handle option on it.
    I did mention earlier that I had struggled with the zipper on the puzzle and found it bit cumbersome when I've tried the bag in stores - do you have any issues with it?

    TDF that bag Loewe
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  7. Thanks JT! Yeh I prefer the puzzle with the top handle on it. TBH I haven't found the zip to be an issue for me. I don't usually bother with zipping the bag close. I would normally, or in other bags, but because there is that little "flap" of leather over the main zip, I find it secure enough for my use.

    I suppose if one were to use it in the "backpack" style (lady on the far left of the image below), then there would be a greater risk of stuff falling out of the bag, so you'd use the zipper more often.

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  8. I like the top-handle more, too. Gives you one more way to carry the bag.
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  9. That mustard color is so lovely, actually right before reading your description the color really caught my attention, it is quite a beautiful bag! And yes, OBVS!! Sia rules, have you heard of Allie X? I'm obsessed with her album (CollXtion II), listen to either "Casanova", "Lifted" or "Old habits die hard".
  10. STAHP!!!! It makes me want mine NOW!!! But I have to wait until it arrives (hopefully next month or so, only mine will be the men's version, without the top handle, snice is more like a messenger).
  11. Back after an incredible night catching Celine Dion live in concert at the O2 in London... Security measures meant small bags were optimal, and my Gucci Disco was the perfect concert companion!

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  12. Oooh Celine!!!! Isn't she fantastic! I watched her in vegas! Vocals still top notch!!

    BTW You guys seen the SS18 fendi runway looks? They have these mini strap-yous that you attach to peekaboos or peekaboo-fit!! I like these!!

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  13. She was spectacular. This was my fourth time seeing her in concert, saw her twice in Paris and now twice in London.

    I like the idea of the mini strap-yous but the utility of it seems questionable though since you can't ever use it on the shoulder...
  14. First, I agree with you both...Celine is amazing.

    I also love these bags with the mini strap yous - which I first noticed and loved in Women's last season. But upon closer inspection, it just looks like a handle on a handle which I'm not sure how I feel about.

    They do however really uplift a simpler bag into something more fun.
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  15. I do love the designs but then again, no other practical utility (at least the regular StrapYous actually serve the practical purpose of carrying the bag over the shoulder or crossbody), so, I don't know...