1. I'm happy I helped on amassing your knowledge today:biggrin:, now, don't be like that, reveal it already!!!!
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  2. I "needed" blue shoes that weren't dark blue. They don't match my new Balenciaga (unfortunately) but they can match the LV Bandouliere Race so my shoes don't always have to be black to match my Peekaboo.
  3. OMG!!! They're kick ass!!! Love them! I'm still waiting for the sneakers I want to go on sale, I think in a couple of weeks perhaps I might get them finally. In the meantime I'm really struggling with a package that was sent to me (that will be a very big reveal) since customs has not released the package and they haven't provided reason or indication as to when will the package be released, ugh, I hate customs.
  4. Thanks! I really like them. I also got a pair of Prada shoes that look very similar (same style but without the eyes though) so I don't know if I should return those, although those were at an amazing deal.

    You're reminding me of why I hate ordering online. Customs, waiting for the delivery guy...ugh. I haven't ordered online in a while, and I'm glad I haven't.
  5. Well, in my case online deals are quite something, even with duties, taxes and custom fees involved they're usually a lot less money than if I (in the case the product was available locally) got the product here. I'm actually quite worried, since FedEx just told me the package entered an exception at the customs port, and they said it could even take weeks before the customs administration would give a reason for the hold up, I'm just shocked.
  6. Oh the silly "exception" thing. I wonder if anything crossing the border is ever NOT an "exception". I have never failed to receive that on the tracking for FedEx. And then they somehow require the buyer/receiver to select a broker even though it is the sender's responsibility during shipment. I once bought from Gucci.com and was stuck at "customs" for days. I called with my tracking info and they said my shipment was worth $43000+ and needs clearance. I was startled! Turns out the person on the phone gave me the amount of ALL of the shipments from Gucci.com coming into Canada that were shipped with my item, because somehow I was given a tracking number for an entire shipment. I shouldn't have been able to find this information. How unprofessional.
  7. Actually they told me something similar that the shipment was being declared in a "summary" process or something like that, I really hope they don't mess this thing up, ugh, TBH I've never had any bad experiences with DHL, they're so so fast, but this time the shipper said they only had contract with FedEx (which I wasn't very happy or excited about).
  8. I've had bad experiences with FedEx and UPS. So far, DHL has been good (yeah very fast, but very late delivery hours. Like past dinner time!), but it was because they were almost all from Luisaviaroma.com and they are very good there (best experience so far with them, especially with their super-easy return system).

    I hope you get your package soon. I'm sorry to hear that you are going through this. It's really one of the worse things about buying online.
  9. Thanks, I really hope everything turns out well, I mean, what I'm worried about is that the customs port holds on to the package for a long time, and since I've heard rumors of very scary stories (packages that mysteriously get lost while on hold) and such, it's not like I need the package right away, is the uncertainty of not knowing what's happening. Also I'd recommend Farfetch, I really liked the experience shopping there, also Shopbop has been good as well (like I've said before, I usually buy on Gilt so it was a nice surprise to have good experiences from other merchants).
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  10. I've only bought once from Farfetch. It was a good experience but since I have only purchased one thing (those Fendi swimming trunks, actually), I can't say if they are consistently good. I heard that it depends on which boutique/seller the item is from. I've purchased from Luisaviaroma for years and they have been consistently awesome.

    I don't think your item will be lost. Even if it is, it is the seller's responsibility to insure it. You are entitled to your money back if the item doesn't make it to you.
  11. Woah these shoes are spectacular! Such a nice colour aswell! Need to post modelling shots asap!!

    I saw the matches sales has kicked off and mr porter is due any day now.... *fingers itching*....
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  12. Thanks! Will do so soon!

    Mr.Porter's sale is already on their up-to 70% markdown. MatchesFashion has also had their sale for a while but they added new pieces. Be sure to check them out soon!
  13. Are you serious!?!? Mr porter? How can I have missed that?
    Are you sure it's not just the US/UK site ? I just checked and still nothing :sad:
  14. Maybe it's just the US site. It's the one that automatically opens for me when I type in their web address. It currently shows a sale up to 70% off on mine. Unfortunately I have still never bought anything from them because they charge USD and do not include duties, which makes their sale prices sometimes the same as regular prices after conversion and duties.
  15. Thanks for checking - yep it's The US site so I guess they get first dibs.
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