1. Your sandals are EVERYTHING!
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  2. Out with Schmidty and my Peekaboo...



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  4. Hahaha Schmidty went for the wind-swept look
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  5. Considering how windy it was in London yesterday, I'm not surprised! Should've seen my hair, I looked like I was playing Mufasa in the Lion King or somethin'...
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  6. Hey guys, well, this probably is a very out of character post and with nothing to do with the actual topic here, but, for some reason I wanted to share this with you guys, so today during the entire day a lot of very nice surprises happened, one of them actually happened an hour ago, but since it's not a sure thing I won't share it unless it comes true, now, since this very good news along with other goods things happened I felt in very good spirits and turns out I was overtly motivated and broke my own personal record of steps in a day, up to today my biggest achievement was 15,000+ steps in a day, turns out since I was very upbeat I reached 16,000+ (I know, a thousand steps is not a lot but to be honest I didn't think I'd brake my record so soon).

    Also today, again since I was in very high spirits was in the mood for jogging (I haven't done that in almost a year, mostly because of my mood and also I didn't feel comfortable enough to start jogging so soon since I stopped doing it a very while back, and I didn't want to really strain myself).

    Now, I know, this perhaps will be very annoying but since I'm very very very happy and in such good spirits, on the way home from the park I usually power walk (and today jogged) I chose a song I'd forgotten I loved and didn't listen to it in a while, to me, music, just like fashion, is a way to express my mood, so, in case you're interested, here's the track that closed the day perfectly for me, I really hope you guys get the same upbeat, cool, and fun vibe from the track as it happens for me, I hope to post pics soon of my outfits, seems I'm actually getting back to form (and good spirits) sooner than I anticipated...
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  7. Sounds like you had a nice, active day! I find that exercise usually puts me in a good mood, so when I'm feeling down, I end up doing my scheduled exercise and feel like I can conquer the world afterwards. It's a good way to get rid of the blues. Seems strange to exercise when I'm not in the mood, but I try to stick to my routine anyway or else I'll feel worse afterward, and it ends up making me feel a lot better.

    Interesting song. Quite upbeat.
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  8. Funny. Carrying my peekaboo gives me happy vibes too

    Great song! Have u heard Your Song by Rita Ora?
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  9. Not yet, I downloaded it but haven't listened to it, but I'm guessing is nice, I'm a fan of her music (I will never let you down is by far my favorite).
  10. Wow I love this thread!

    Hi guys! I'm a long time member but haven't done much posting. Hope to change that.
    Great seeing other guys share an appreciation for bags. :smile:

    I usually hang out around the Bottega Veneta threads but your modelling pics are awesome!
    My holy grail is the BV Cabat but I also fell in love with the peekaboo last year in London and seeing all your awesome shots is making me consider it again.

    I posted a pic of the PB as a comparison in the Cabat thread, but figured I could maybe post it here as well.
    It's the smaller size men's PB but I found the proportions great in me (I'm not that tall). It really is a beautiful bag!!!

    Now I know this is a mainly Fendi thread but are there any hard core Bottega Veneta fans around here? :smile:

  11. Oh I am a fan alright, last year I was trying to get a BV briefcase (I was searching the site to take not of the name but is no longer listed) but the local store was not carrying it in the color I wanted, myself I'm in love of a pair of dogers I have, that I got 50% off, last pair at the boutique and they were precisely my size (destiny at work).

    Also certain seasonal pieces I've seen i think they're gorgeous, also, I think BV is one of the few brands, along Fendi that actually can carry the stamp of having craftsmanship and savoir faire that is difficult to match.

    Welcome to the thread! And well, I'm really partial to the PB, it is so iconic and the possibilities are endless (so many models, color combos, etc), also, you won't find lovelier SA's than at Fendi (or at least I'm talking from my own experience).

    I'm a short guy and I think the "small" PB size is perfect, although the rebel in me would advise against buying black, or, at least a plain black, i'd get this one (then again, I truly love color blocking and bright colors):
    It's black on the outside, which is very classic and understated but has a nice color twist on the inside and the yellow details really make it pop, although, the only thing is, neither in the description nor the pictures say which color is the strap.

    Anyways, along all the beautiful combos I'm sure you'll find the one for you.
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  12. Welcome to the Fendi Fellas thread!!! :nuts: I just found your BV posts and the Cabat looks great on you, but I personally think the Peekaboo looks better (no bias there, obviously ;)).

    Actually, my Peekaboo is my favourite bag in my whole collection. It was like a dream come true when I got my hands on it. The bag is very durable. Selleria leather is surprisingly resistant to scratches, and is wonderfully thick. The hand-painted edges are also very durable. I was afraid of cracking as I hear is a constant problem with resin edges, but mine have held up beautifully despite the bag sometimes getting bumped by careless passer-bys, or even when I am accidentally careless. The suede and Selleria lining is so luxurious, that it is an experience to just use the bag. My other dream bag is the Hermes HAC, just like you said in your post on the BV forum, but with my Peekaboo, I don't mind not getting my hands on the HAC.

    I admire BV a lot, and I heard that their quality is great, but it's not really my style. I love the dark hardware, and how some of the newer pieces only feature the Intrecciato leather in small details, but I haven't found one of their bags that just jumped out at me and made me feel that I had to have it. I've seen a few on sale that I was tempted to buy because of the price (one was 75% off during Boxing Day), but I passed on every occasion because it wasn't my style.

    Feel free to post modelling pics here, even if it isn't of a Fendi. We're like a guy's club here, and would love for you to be a part of it :p.
  13. welcome to FF @J.T. :drinks:

    shot across to the BV threads and stalked your cabat photos. I think the medium looks awesome on you (and great mod shots btw)! Never considered it before but think the cabat works well especially on off-duty weekends! Completely understand what you said about how your lifestyle often doesn't 'suit' the birkin or PB lifestyle - my job isn't corporate or fashion so sometimes i think twice about bringing a big flashy bag. But then again sometimes we all just have those days where you need a pick-me-up....so I pick up my PB or SDJ and my footsteps already feel a million times lighter and happier! :lol:

    I honestly absolutely LOVE the BV Intrecciato Briefcase and was THIS close to getting one. I've tried on several briefcases from other brands and somehow, I find that when you close the briefcase flap, the lock makes this REALLY satisfying "clatch" sound and it just locks into place neatly. I find with other briefcases I either have to set the briefcase down, then actually re-align the flap against the lock and push it in. Aint nobody got time for that!! :p The only thing holding me back from purchasing one is that it doesn't have a shoulder strap....all my other bags (tote, messenger, or duffle) all come with shoulder straps, and are also detachable. I've also come to the point where i re-negotiate with myself and go "well waiiiiit a minute....do I actually need a shoulder strap!" But 2 seconds later I'm like yeah, yes i do actually, and put the BV briefcase back on the shelf and walk out of the store :lol:
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  14. I ️ Leon
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  15. Welcome to Fendi Fellas! Make yourself comfy!!! ;)

    I absolutely love Bottega Veneta, and especially their intrecciato pieces which highlight their leather craftsmanship beautifully.

    In relation to your specific ruminations however, I would have to say I would vote for the Peekaboo over the Cabat tote. Fundamentally, it is still a tote without any sort of fastening to keep it secure which turns me off a little, and I find its proportions are just a little too East West for my liking.

    For me, if I were to get a Bottega to add to my collection, I would go for the convertible tote, as it has a zipper closure and provides versatility as to how it's carried depending on how you feel. It could work as a briefcase-style bag when the gussets aren't engaged, and as a pillowy tote otherwise. This is my favourite style from BV.


    Otherwise if I were to go for a pure tote, I prefer the men's offering rather than the Cabat, such as the following. The smooth leather sides provides it with more durability as the intrecciato is a more delicate material, which is still beautifully showcased in the centre of the tote, without running the risk of snags etc.



    I also do love the Aquatre tote, but I appreciate you prefer a more East west silhouette.

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