1. Beautiful!
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  2. Thank you ! :smile: xx
  3. It's absolutely beautiful. Your hubby did such a good job.
  4. Looks so great on you! Love it with your wedding set. If you don't mind me asking, is your diamond pave wedding band from Tiffany?
  5. Wow!

    I just spent the last few days going through all 56 pages of this thread! Fun! :smile:
    Gorgeous bracelets, ladies! Love each and every single one of them.

    I have a few tennis bracelets myself, but I don't wear them enough.
    You have inspired me to pull them out of their boxes and start wearing them.

    Here is a pic I just took - my two tone tennis bracelet (I had this made by my jeweler) and white gold and diamond bangle (Gift from my mom who had a pair. She gave one to me and one to my sister in law). I have another really thin one, but it has gone for repair.

    I wouldn't wear them together. This is just for the pic!

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  6. Really beautiful bracelets! I think the diamond bangle is stunning - gives it a nice structure. I've never seen a two-tone - so pretty!! I don't own a tennis/diamond bracelet so thank you for the inspiration. :smile:
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  7. Thank you!
    I designed the two-tone bracelet so that it goes with the rest of my jewellery which is mostly yellow gold.
    I love the bangle too. I find it more wearable than the bracelet somehow...