1. So, I took this advice that you posted in another thread and IT'S AMAZING. I had been putting the shoes on with big socks and blasting the sides of my feet, where the leather was the tightest, and my feet didn't burn, but the leather didn't seem to get anywhere near as soft as it does when you heat the inside of the shoe. DUH LOLA. Anyway, that + the Vaseline has helped more in the past couple of days than my efforts of the past year on my stupid p120s. Also, I wore some strappy sandals out last night and lubed my pinkie toe up with the vaseline, and there was no pain from rubbing. Ahhhhh it's a feet & life saver!!! :ty:
  2. YAY!!! So happy to be of help. This beats any kind of stretching IMO! You can pretty much wear anything straight out of the box!!!
  3. anyone here owns the biancas 120mm
    would like to know how he arch is
  4. I am so grateful that I thought to consult this informative thread! My barely used, new to me, loafers arrived today. They were so awfully tight, I was getting depressed thinking I would have to relist them. Then, thankfully I remembered this thread!! Armed with shoe stretchers, socks, and hair dryer I went through the steps to stretch them. IT WORKED!!! SO HAPPY, I love my new loafers! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!! :happydance:
  5. has anyone taken shoes to the cobbler and had padding installed under the original lining?
    I'm looking to turn boots with a three inch heel into more of a walking boot and I don't really like the insoles replacing my lining. But if you had insoles installed (glued) under your lining, I think you'd want to make sure they were good ones that would last.
    anyone done this?
    I asked one cobbler and he said to just buy the do-it-yourself ones but I'm sure there could be another cobbler who would be willing to do it
    thanks for any advicec
  6. can anyone advise how CL boots run - big/small?
  7. Hi ladies. Seems like this thread doesn't see a lot of action but I could really use some advice. I have a pair of patent pigalle 120 that I purchased from NAP in 2012. they are a 34.5. I think my problem is "heel slippage"? Is that when your heels comes out when you're walking? Now I'm slightly worried that they might not be the right size for me. I don't wear them much but will heel grips help with this? I notice also that my recently purchased So Kate in pony fur is starting to break in nicely and I'm wondering if "heel slippage" comes into play after they've broken in? Can this be remedied? I'm hoping so because I love these shoes. Also please excuse my ignorance with all the verbiage, if I have it wrong please correct! Thank you in advance.

  8. Is 34.5 your normal size? I am normally 35.5 in pumps, sandals etc and so far for cl I also prefer 35.5. I read on here and all websites shops recommend going up the size but if I go to 36, which feels great for front of feet I will end up with heel spillage which tells me the length of shoe is way too long. I've tried the inserts for the heel (the ones dept stores give out) and they don't work so well for me. Mostly because it is still too "thin" and feels rubbery and worst, feet still doesn't feel so secure. This is why I ended up buying my normal size. To me heel spillage is a sign the shoe length is too long and hence the size too big.

    Side note the reason I tried sizing up is because I have slightly wider front feet but I've had to pass on certain shoe styles because I can't size up and have the show length be too long.
  9. I did this last night to my ponyhair So Kates! I didn't have Vaseline, but I did have some Aquaphor, which is pretty much the same thing. Worked like a charm!!
  10. my cl very prives are a size 36.5. i took them on vacation with me assuming heel grips would work and when i got there it was too big but it was the only pair of black pumps i brought with me so i wore them. is there anyway to get these 36.5 to fit like a 36? leather spa says they insert a half pad under the insole- does anyone know how that works or has done it before, does it work? help i don't want to part with them =/
  11. I took my yoyos to MM7 the CL cobbler in London, I had the exact same problem. They lifted the insole and inserted a cork pad where the ball of the foot sits then they glued the insole back on top. They now fit perfectly & they don't look any different to before. At MM7 they had 3 different thicknesses of cork pad to try. My shoes are a 36.5 & I've now found out I'm more of a 35.5-36 in CLs, I needed the thickest pad.
  12. Very helpful!
  13. Just thought I'd add here, I bought some stretching spray from Timpson's (UK chain of cobblers) on a whim, and I've become a stretching maniac! I've used it on my P120s, poly satin Greissimos and embossed calf leather snake effect Jimmy Choo Cosmics, and it works really well. Initially, the colour of the buff leather interior darkens, but dries back to its normal colour. I don't know how it might affect pale suedes, but so far it hasn't shown through any of my darker or printed shoes. I will still use vaseline before wearing when I go out, but I'm really happy with the results of the spray so far.
  14. I'm very glad I found this thread! I just got the So Kate's in nude patent. I'm doing the vaseline with hairdryer trick on the area on my right foot on the outside above my baby toe where it rubs the bone. It's not the shoe, it's my foot. I find the most challenging part is choosing the right size for me. I am normally a 7 in U.S. sizing, but am 37.5 in Valentino Rockstud 100's. I tried on the 37.5 at NM first, the SA thought they were a little too big (heel gap) but when she brought out the 37's I couldn't get my foot all the way in. So no way I could do them and even wear them. I put a heel cushion in and it helps a lot, but if they stretch out too much I can try the cork insert at my shoe place. Thanks for all the great advice!