1. No problem--glad you got a nice score! Always worth trying to get reimbursed for the repair if you can though (wink)

    I hope I didn't mislead you--I'd definitely consider it a defect and it stinks that you were in the dark about it until you received it. It's just one that I personally put up with since I buy most of mine resale at a deep discount. I'm always gambling whether another pair will be available in a size that works, and what the condition/price will be :smile:

    They have the seam occurring at a really tough spot on that particular skin in your pair. It leaves just a smidge of scales (it seems like the smaller the smidge, the more it likes to stick up and doesn't lie flat in my experience). I don't have the same lifting problem on the watersnake ones with the small scales. Just the Python with those beautiful large scales. I have to be much more careful with pairs that have partial scales in the seam like that compared to the ones that have full scales through the seam. They definitely get "roughed up" quicker and look more worn out more quickly :sad:

    It's something I will definitely look out for if I ever buy a python pair retail--inspect all of them and pick the one that has complete scales going into the seam! :p