1. Yes, it's fixable. If you go over to the CL Cobbler thread, you can search for a good cobbler in your town to take them to.
  2. Love this - thanks for the instructions and step-by-step photos!
  3. Do you ladies have any idea on how to remove black scuff marks from white kid leather?

    I see tips for patent, but none for kid leather. So far I have tried: vaseline, white eraser, and rubbing alcohol. I'm not sure what else to do. White leather is very difficult to maintain :sad:

  4. What about a leather cleaner like Bick 4?
  5. Hi guys
    I'm after some advice, I bought a second hand pair of Sexy Glitter/Mini Specchio toe 100s in gold glitter. There was a slight tear in the upper layer of glitter but from wearing them there is now a tear in the leather behind and I can see the material fraying.

    Is it repairable?
    Hopefully they pic has uploaded the front slit is the glitter the rear is the leather.

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  6. Great ideas!