1. Your pair probably just needs some brushing. Suede tends to lie flat over time where it rubs making the color look dull. All you need to do is brush it and get them fluffed up and they will look as good as new.

  2. +1. Just imagine brushing the hair to get volume up.
  3. I'm buying these Lady Peeps for a steal. I was wondering, before pulling the trigger, whether the shoe can be restored. There is major scuffing/stains. Thank you in advance for your help.

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  4. I don't know if that damage can be restored, it's pretty severe. If you want an honest opinion you could email that picture to either MM7 or the Santana Creative.
  5. So i have worn these PF a few times but wondering is this normal for the heel where the leather near the heel tip is wrinkling (dont know how to explain)? Or could it be due to the way i walk?

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  6. That's normal. Some of my CLs are that way.
  7. Oh ok thank you :smile:

  8. I seen wrinkling at the heel tip on brand new ones. Is just bad craftsmen ship.
  9. Can someone tell me if nicks in patent leather are fixable? The heel and front have nicks and the leather has been removed a bit.
  11. How important is it, to you all, to protect the original red soles?

    If i was able to maintain the red soles without major scuffing or scratches, would that help if I decided to sell my heels later?

    Are there any clear, non visible solutions out there? I see your obvious rubber soles from cobblers. The only solution I see are the adhesives, which are white and don't look great imo.
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    Those clear ones from Foot Petals only last for one wear...I dislike them.

    I bought red paint...the same a cobber uses to repaint the sole. Then I buy Kiwi sole savers....in the Men's size...they are bigger. I paint those Red...put on the shoes...and there you go. :smile:

    The less worn a shoe looks the higher it will sell for.
  13. I repair my own heel caps. I never tear up the shoes. I have had cobblers kill them Soooooo I do most of it myself now.
    I don't see directions for this anywhere.

    How to remove and replace heel caps.

    Grab your pliers and heel caps.
    Grab the rubber or nail with your pliers. Make sure not to touch the leather.
    Twist the cap around...it will start to screw out....then pull the cap off once it is loose.
    Place new cap in hole. Line up...and knock it into place. I use my counter. Go slow and adjust again before you send it home.
    That is it! Fast and easy.

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  14. How do you ladies maintain your kid nappa black leather CL's. I notice mine will get dull and a little scuffed over time. Do you take to a cobbler to restore, or is there something I can do myself at home?
  15. Thanks your post answered my question: can patent leather be stretched. I just purchased Pigalle 120 patent (pre-update). So they're pre-owned. I'm taking everyone's advice and bought 1/2 size down. I take 42 in So Kate's. These Pigalle 120's are 41.5. Keeping my fingers crossed!!!!!!!