1. Any idea where can I get plain red soles, not ones with CL prints.. Like the ones UpCloseAndStylish have on her loubs??

    & how long does it usually take to fix a red sole?

    I'm visiting Madrid, Barcelona & Paris next month (3 days each). I want to have 1 to repair & 1 new to be protected so it will remain red even after wearing it.
  2. Hi all! I hope I'm posting in the correct forum because I really need some help/advice. I noticed last night that a spike has somehow been ripped from my Spike Me shoe which has also, unfortunately, ripped the PVC.

    Does anyone know of a cobbler or professional service who can help fix this? I live in the DC area, but I have no problem shipping the shoe to get it fixed. What's even worse is I have no idea what happened to the missing spike - I've torn my house and office inside out and have found nothing.

    If the spike can't be found and/or replaced, I'd still be happy if anyone could recommend someone that can fix the PVC so the tear doesn't get any worse.

    Thank you for your time and suggestions! I really, REALLY love these shoes and I'm in tears over this. :crybaby:

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  3. Send an email with photos to the Santana Creative. They're the only ones I can think of in the US who might be able to fix it. If they can't, then I'd email MM7 and see what they suggest.

  4. Thank you so much for your suggestions! I really appreciate it! :heart: And I will definitely give those two a try.
  5. Hi all,

    Does anyone know if its possible to lower the heel height on a pair of CL's? I was gifted a pair of 6 inch heels and unfortunately its a little too high for me and would like it to be brought down to a 3 or 4 inch heel height.

    Would a reputable cobbler be able to lower the heel? I'm in NYC btw.

    Thanks for any help you can offer.

  6. Yes, it's possible but not by as much as you are wanting. I think the max is 1/4 inch, or the last of the shoe is compromised.

    I've had CLs cut down by the Santana Creative. I highly recommend them.

  7. What a cute shoe ! You should post a pic of the whole shoe just so we can admire it lol. Idk if you have found someone to repair it but You can check here in NYC. The best place in NYC is called the leather spa. All the major Dept stores and Louboutin boutiques here recommend this place.

  8. LOL! Thank you! I've posted a full picture of my poor, ripped babies. :crybaby:

    And thank you so much for your suggestion. I'm actually selling these (eBay), but it's great to have more options and resources for cobblers if buyers are interested.

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  9. Just ask him credit in the store to start with on other shoes, for heels soles etc...
  10. Any recommendations for a trusted cobbler in Australia?
    Particularly one that can dye leather and also do red vibram soles.
    (I am looking at having a pair of Princess dyed silver)
    Thank you
  11. Not bad, the edge is nicely done, I would have done the line a bit more straight or tilted more on the outside. Price is ok.