1. I think it's a new classic. There are so many women that will love this watch for a long time. It might not be a staple everyday piece, but many will want it in their watch collection.
  2. I think it is a classic just like the ceramic Rado watches are classic. Or the Movado is classic. It's distinctiveness keeps it from being lumped into a "trend."
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    dari - Definitely get the J12 if it makes your heart flutter! :heart:

    I recently decided to purchase a new watch, and I narrowed my choices down to the Cartier SS tank or the J12 with diamond markers. I knew the Cartier was considered more of a classic watch, but I couldn't get my mind off of the J12! I ended up purchasing the J12 and couldn't be happier. I plan to purchase the Cartier one day down the road but I'm in no hurry.
  4. My opinion is this. Chanel is known for creating simple classic and easily recognizable pieces. I think it will be classic like the flap bags. Even if they are a little on the trendy side, trendy has to start somewhere right ? Uggs were thought to be the same but because of their practical simplicity they are definitely more in the realm of classic than trendy. I think the J12 s will be the same.
  5. I completely agree. :tup: (I know, shocking, isn't it? :p)
  6. I love J12, its one of the few watches Im saving for-- its iconic.
  7. thanks lol ! too funny !
  8. I kinda agree a little, but uggs were a classic wayyyyyy before they were a trend, surfers have been wearing them since the 1960's! Just FYI...... I think J12's have started out as a trend, IMO something is more timeless when it becomes a trend years later rather than starting out more as a trend....just my 2 cents.
  9. I think it's a classic also. I had been wanting a J12 since about 3 years ago. Bought one last year, had to sell it due to life changes & convinced myself I was satisfied with having had it for a while and I wasn't going to pursue getting another one until a few years later when my husband and I were much better off. It hasn't even been a full year yet and I'm dying for one already =( Although I feel guilty with the economy being so bad and all to splurge on it. But then I think of numerous price increases and I'm just so damn torn!
  10. I know what you mean, maybe you could buy one preloved in good condition
  11. I just bought my first Chanel J12 38mm with diamond markers today! I really hope it it's a classic. I'm new on TPF. I love the site!
  12. Well, considering that this thread began in 2007 and J12s came out in 2000 and now it is 2011 - J12s are still going strong! In fact in every new fashion/style magazine this month, the new titanium J12 is advertised in the first few pages. I would say this watch is not a trend but here to stay - JMO!
  13. Ever since I've bought my J12 , I've hardly worn my Rolex... I am in my late thirties and feel like the J12 suits me & my current style..I just know that I love it.
    I had planned to buy the Cartier roadster and on my way out of the Cartier store just passed by the Chanel store...rest is history!!
  14. more trendy than classic.

    ceramic is delicate, Rado watches chip over time. what makes them more trendy, too - a classic piece should age with style, not chips.
  15. This is incorrect.

    I just want to point out for anyone who's reading this thread still that Chanel's Ceramic is not the normal plates and bowls you use at home. Logically who would buy a 5k - 12k watch that breaks?

    "Chanel's Ceramic is a unscratch*able ceramic NASA uses for space appli*ca*tions. The same type of ceramic can also be found in indus*trial boil*ers and foundries. This means the watch can be worn in high pres*sure envi*ron*ments, will with*stand div*ing depths of 250 meters and is not affected by time. The ceramic makes it pos*si*ble to make the watch and watch*band in white.

    The J12 also fea*tures a sap*phire crys*tal face, smooth hand move*ment and a uni*di*rec*tional tung*sten car*bide and sap*phire bezel."

    Personally I've had my J12 for two years, wore them everyday. To work, to tan, to beach, typing, clinking into things. Never had a problem. On the contrary my Cartier is scratched all around after a year and needs to be repolished

    To me it's a modern classic.

    Sidenote: Dior just came out with their own Ceramic line of watches in August.