1. Gorgeous, girls...keep 'em coming!
  2. Thanks to all who shared their pictures. I just discovered Lagos Caviar today while shopping at Nordstroms. I'm not going to be buying for a while and when I do I'll be looking for a deal. Thanks for the tip on TJ Maxx. Who knew!
  3. Has anyone been to the TJ Max in Burbank / Pasadena lately? If so i was wondering if they currently have any Lagos Caviar pieces? Thanks in advance for any information you can give me.
  4. :bump:

    i've had my eye on lagos pieces for a couple of months and am finally getting something! I'm excited and like the designs. I find that some of the pieces are actually cheaper than expected (like compared to yurman pieces and other designer brands)!
  5. I have two caviar pieces...the peace sign necklace and the small heart necklace.
  6. I keep my eyes WIDE OPEN whenever I go to TJ maxx...But no luck so far...Only if we knew when they re-stock at TJ Maxx jewelry dept...

    Will soon purchase something from Bloomingdales (Lagos), though the stores usually don't have a wide selection like their website. Only if we could use the store credits on website...
  7. SUPER interested in the Lagos Caviar bangles.. but my wrist is so small.. they said on the site, most bracelets can be custom sized.. so I left a message with customer service voicemail and hopefully will get a call back soon! Anyone with bangles to show off?
  8. There are some Lagos pieces on Ruelala now.