1. It says there's still 1 left! ;)
  2. THe sales is up now on the website, I wonder if i should wait for the sales on bag to get deeper or get my color now.... Last year I waited and all the colors i wanted was gone, but it's on 30% now on the ps1. What do you guys all think i should do? Advice?
  3. 30% off seems weak in comparison to previous sales. I'm used to 50% off on the PS1 so it's tough to pay more. I'd probably wait unless it is an absolute can't live without type color that you don't think will be repeated soon.
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  4. I would also wait. It always eventually goes to 50%.
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  5. When do y’all anticipate a deeper discount?
  6. I don’t know if this is a glitch, but a few items are now 30% off 30%. I just purchased a PS1 Oxblood Mini for $436, even though it’s listed as $623. If you go in to the item itself the price changes!

    It only seems to be the case for a few ones though. Thankfully the Oxblood was the one I’d been eyeing for a while, can’t wait for it to arrive!
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  7. Thanks! I got irritated with PS because they didn’t start with a deeper discount. The one time I was ready to buy, was the one time they didn’t do it. Oh well, I have s purse from another brand on the way. Maybe next time.
  8. PS has dropped prices to more like 50% off on many sale styles. Farfetch has matched this on their sale as well it seems.
  9. Thanks for the intel youngster! I was super impatient and bought a Polene handbag. I plan to spend the rest of my “bag money” on LV SLGs on my vacation later this summer.
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  10. Thanks for the update. Of course the large PS1 that I am sort of interested in is still 30%. Hopefully it will stay that way so I won't be tempted. :smile:
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  11. Hello, Experts:wave:
    Does anybody have PS1 tiny or medium in orange? Want to buy while its on sale but never seen one in real life:crybaby: Could someone share any pictures of Orange color?
  12. I do not have it in orange but I do own the tiny in Peacock and LOVE it. Ok, that's not very helpful to you since you asked about the orange color but the tiny is such a great little bag.
  13. I can't believe the prices on the PS site :nuts: 50% for a black small Hava and lots of PS1:s...
  14. Further reductions on the PS site. The large and minis are finally now at 50% off.
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