1. We have these huge white flowering shrubs all around the property, mainly against the fence but not sure what it is. The white blossoms are so pretty though. 3rd pic is some phlox that just seeded itself in a few different areas. Few more pics of Lilac bushes. We’ve been lucky a few days this week with awesome weather so I’ve had windows open & OMG the most special, fantastic smell of lilacs just wafts into the house. I’m SO obsessed w/ the Lilacs this year as we have NEVER had tons of blooms like this since we’ve lived here. Last pic I’m pretty sure is a weed, but like @Pessie showed recently...”weeds are pretty too!”
  2. It might be, but it is very sweet all the same :biggrin: you know what they say “a weed is just the right plant in the wrong place!” ;)
  3. I have been “lurking and liking” as I am on a mini getaway this weekend. @frick&frack will know where I am!

    Corkscrew Sanctuary Swamp. Not my garden, but enjoying nature.
    The path less travelled.
    Mr. Mimmy named this photo “alligators on a stick”.
    ... more gators.
    Whew! Back in the city. Does anyone know what tree this is? The flowers on it are beautiful!
  4. ^those bushes with white flowers are beautiful! Love the phlox...one of my favorites. I’m so happy that your lilacs are doing well. Maybe it just needed some time to adjust to a new gardener? I love your daisy-like wildflower too. It’s very sweet.

    ^exactly! That’s my gardening motto.

    ^love it! Have a relaxing weekend. Prepare to get soaked though. You really can’t escape it in the South this weekend. If you see a horseshoe crab or coquinas, post a pic! If those gators get too close, RUN!!!

    As far as the tree, the first thing that came to mind was a golden showers tree. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cassia_fistula
  5. Ooh Mimmy it looks amazing :tup: it’s like Jurassic Park! How big are the alligators? And what are the other reptiles called?
  6. The alligators in the first photo are babies/juveniles; they were about 18 in/46 cm long.

    The other two photos are also alligators. The one in the second photo was about 30 in/76 cm long and the one in the third photo was about 4 to 5 ft/1.2 m to 1.5 m long. These would also be young alligators due to their small size.
  7. Super cool!!:cool::coolio:You are such an adventurer Mimmy:yes::tup:
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  8. Thank you f&f, glad poppies are expanding this year, we got 2 new plants but due to the bad weather, flowers didn't bloom beautifully. YES, the pansies always greet me with happy smiles everytime I looked at them :heart:

    An orange color in the garden is definitely a head turner. Miss Poppy is red orange, go get a poppy and you'll be happy :ghi5:

    Agree, those white flowers are so pretty, never see one like that. around here. Lilacs, the smell is heaven! How I wish our garden is a lot bigger, I'll surely get a lilac tree.

    Fun adventure @Mimmy, I can't look at crocos, they scare me to death:faint:
  9. I’m currently in Harbour Island, Bahamas. I love the pink beaches and beautiful flowers but the Rooster alarm clocks....not so much
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  11. IMG_1527371927.296864.jpg
    After the rain ...
  12. ^paradise! Have a wonderful vacation.

    ^PBI: they’re yellow ixora.

    ^so beautiful! Love seeing the big raindrops.