1. Didn’t watch

    Attend a wedding or the reception
  2. Lol must be my jetlag. Yeah I meant Will.
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  3. Reception
    Attend a fancy wedding dinner reception or a casual laid back wedding reception
  4. Casual

    Work from home or work in an office
  5. Work in an office but with the option of working from home sometimes
    Same question
  6. Work from home

    Watch a movie in a theater with or without reclining seats
  7. Without
    Navy blue pedicure or Robin blue pedicure? ( I’m getting a pedicure today and deciding my colour )
  8. Robin egg blue

    Stay home or go out in rainy weather
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  9. That’s the I went with:smile:
    Stay home
    Would you rather take the subway or a cab?
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  10. Subway

    Sunbathe or sit in the shade?
  11. On vacation I like to sunbathe but at home I choose the shade
    Sit on the beach or by the pool
  12. Beach

    Wake up early or stay up late?
  13. Wake up early
    Hot or iced coffee
  14. Neither-not a coffee drinker...
    Muffin or roll?
  15. Muffin

    Kale chips or kombuncha