1. Attending The Prince of Wales' 70th Birthday Patronage Celebration held at Buckingham Palace on May 22, 2018 in London, England.

    Wearing the 'Flavia' Dress by Goat, a Philip Treacy headpiece, Wilbur and Gussie Bespoke Charlie Oyster Silk Clutch, Tamara Mellon 'Siren' leather pumps and Vanessa Tugendhaft IDYLLE, La Rose, diamond earrings.


  2. i can't imagine she's pregnant - but i would completely understand if she lost weight leading up to the wedding with all the stress.
  3. Love the hat, hair, make up and earrings! She looks so polished here.
  4. and also can I just say that I'm impressed whenever I see someone wearing heels when they know they have to walk on grass?! That's dedication.
  5. She looked amazing!!!
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  6. I like it :heart: Very Max Mara.
  7. I guess she has to wear pantyhose now. Hate to say it, but this dress kinda looks like she just pulled the pantyhose all the way up to her neck. And it doesn't help that the color washes her out.
  8. When I first saw this look I thought she looked perfect from the neck up but I was disappointed with everything else. Right now, the more I look at it, the more I love it! She looks polished as you stated.
  9. She looks lovely :smile: she does need to stop grabbing onto Harry though, must be nerves
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  10. That's her "thing." I noticed it a long while ago when they went to a wedding in the tropics someplace, and in tons of other pictures. She is often latched on to his lower and upper arm. I thought at first she was one of those clingy girlfriends, :smile: but I think it's just her way with her guy. It's probably a lot for guidance too, getting subtle cues about what to do and so on. She looks very good in these pics, I like the look.
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  11. I think she's just super tactile. There are many photos of her touching people, even before she met Harry. It would be hard for her to rein that in, probably she does it unconsciously. Harry doesn't seem to mind. ;)
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  12. If I had to walk down a flight of stairs in pointy heels with a worldwide audience, you bet I’d be latching on to my man lol.
  13. :lol::lol::lol:

    + graveland
    + grass
    + slippery marble
  14. she is looking amazing !!! absolutely stunning Outfit. the whole look is just ROYAL: love that look! can't wait for her Outfits at the upcoming Events!

  15. really? stunning? I don't see it. She looks appropriate
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