1. 3 times a week doing my 7k+ steps, almost no sugar, less carbs, more water and this damn weigh does not even tilt a bit :sad:
    last time added skipping as well, i am not a quitter, but it's really tough to carry on without seeing the results.
    I am finally off the pills, hope this will help :pray:
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  2. I’m rooting for you!!!!!
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  3. I feel you, @ksuromax! My weight is stuck -- despite IF and calorie counting/low carb. But we will soldier on and never give up!
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  4. :hugs: thank you!
  5. iNo pasaran! :ghi5:
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  6. Hi, new to this thread. I gained about 18 Kgs during my pregnancy and retained about 13 of them. I was overweight before i was pregnant. My baby has weaned breastfeeding and i have started on LCHF from last 2-3 days. I hope this works for me.
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  7. Welcome and goodluck!!!
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  8. Thanks Antigone. I started the diet last Wednesday and as of today morning have lost 2.6 kgs.
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  9. YAY!!! That's awesome!!
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  10. Thanks :smile:
  11. I gained about 500 grams yesterday. Don't know why. I followed the keto diet only. I guess I need to count calories too. Ate a pancake made in almond butter which might be the culprit.
  12. Don't worry too much about daily fluctuations, especially if it's just a few grams. As long as the general trend is downwards, you're fine! :smile: Keto on!
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  13. Yes i guess i will check the weight weekly :smile:
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  14. start with a useful diet,That means a diet that's rich in vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and legumes and low in refined grains, sugary foods, and saturated and trans fats..

    Thank you...
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  15. Weekly update: Keto week 1
    Starting weight: 73.6 kgs.
    After 1 week: 70.6 kgs.q
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