1. Thank you so much!
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  2. I think I may have found my next obsession...matte gator KP! TDF @Ladybaga and Sorry to OP for further diverting.

    Back to topic —- Sell if you don’t love or use.
  3. I love it, but I know I can’t carry it without a strap.
  4. Thank you Txoceangirl!
  5. Gosh, I have 2 exotic KPs— one is matte gris elephant gator and the other is shiny graphite gator, both have PHW, and I don’t really use them at all. I feel like if I’m going to a dressier event like a black tie formal, then I prefer to carry a cocktail clutch like a Judith Leiber, or if it’s slightly less formal like an evening wedding, then another evening type bag maybe in silk or satin or something with beading but nothing that’s a leather or exotic skin. When I had a more “social” night life (circa clubs and bars), I got more use out of my KPs. It could be that I felt hipper or edgier back then (probably slimmer and more stylish, too- ha ha), and I seem to recall using it often when I was wearing leather pants... Anyway, nowadays I like to keep my hands free (so I can hold a glass of wine -lol!) so I don’t often reach for the KP anymore. Come to think of it, I’m probably more hesitant to use my KPs because they are exotic; I think I have too sweaty palms plus I always seem to get water splashed on me at the washroom sink.

    I also think it makes a big difference if you LOVE ️️ the color. I picked neutral evening colors for mine but am not in love with either color which I’m sure is a factor. If I had a KP, exotic or non exotic, in a color that “spoke to me”, then my guess is that I would feel differently.
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  6. IMG_4465.jpgIMG_4464.jpg

    Here are mine. Of the two neutral colors I chose, I prefer the look of shiny graphite over matte gris elephant.... I was trying to be practical in my color selections but I really should have gone with a color that makes my heart sing even if the color isn’t as versatile.
  7. Matte Gris elephant :love::drool:
  8. I'm with mp4! Love gris elephant, especially in matte, but yes, I understand that if they don't sing to you, then you wouldn't use them much.
    Thank you for the photos for us to enjoy. :biggrin:
  9. I have one of each too and never use them. Well, KC once or twice when I first got it but never took my KP out. I think I have this fantasy life where I imagine myself using them but in reality I just never reached for them. :doh:
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  10. This is such a helpful thread.
    I’ve often considered adding a KP or a KC to my H collection. The KC is beautiful but very long.
    The KP seems like a better fit for my needs but I would likely only carry it for informal occasions. Dinners out, etc.
    I think I would hesitate to carry this bag to a formal event ...Just as I wound not wear leather shoes I probably would not carry a leather (even exotic) bag.
    If I am ever offered a KP in shiny Rouge H croc with GHW I will probably find my CC leaping straight out of my kelly wallet all by itself.
  11. I think the problem with H is that often when we are in need of a certain KC or KP for a particular event, you can't just run out and buy it. So we (well, more like I) buy 'just in case' when the right colour and combo comes along, imagining them with the outfits it would go with... but then this is where the fantasy remains... in my closet!
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