1. I just took out mine and it is the first time I'm using since purchasing in the last SAS. I was saving it for springtime but it really can be all seasons. The colors just work so well with all colors. I'm looking at it right now and loving it! A buy I don't regret!
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  2. How are you liking the mustard one - I believe it is called goldenrod? I ordered it because I wanted to see it IRL and wound up returning it. It felt too mustardy to me. Would you be able to load a photo of your's in day lighting? I like the blue included in it. I wound up getting the blue rogue tote with linked tea roses that bring some of the goldenrod instead.

    The melon is my only Rogue with tea roses. I have a dinky and saddle bag. I wouldn't mind a 25 size with tea roses. I missed out on the black metal tea rose one from last SAS but may get the washed red one. It looks great with a white tee shirt and jeans.
  3. Now I wish I had looked at this bag better when I received it several months ago now.....I was inspired to pull it out based on this thread and it is such a beautiful bag. But when I looked at mine this morning, it has a funny "slice" that is noticeable to me. I didn't notice it before maybe because the bag was stuffed. If the tea roses lay flat, I don't see it as much but once I unwrapped it all, now I see it since the bag softens a bit.

    If you look just under the bottom of the hangtag and in the bottom right quadrant of the bag, you see the yellow swirl that I think is meant to be there but it just seems extra wide to me on my bag. I tried to compare it to the other bag someone posted here but it is hard to see based on the angle.

    I'm wondering if there are any more in stock at this point. I'm kind of disappointed how mine looks now. Maybe if I glue some of the tea roses down it may be better.

    Does anyone else see this on their melon tea rose bag? TIA!

    Melon Tea Rose Rogue.JPG
  4. Have you tried it with yout items inside? That may hold the side up a bit more and make this a non-issue for you.
  5. My things were inside the bag when I took the photo. I played around with the flowers last night and you know how some over lap each other.....if I switched which ones overlapped, it covers a lot of it up. Maybe when I took all the protective circles off, I messed up how they are supposed to lay. The bag does seem weak in that section since the "stem" is sort of indented. I'm thinking a purse organizer may help keep it sitting up straight and not slouch on that stress point. I'm liking it a whole lot better after last night's manipulation!

    Thanks for the suggestion! More eyes and ideas are always helpful!
  6. I was looking at the other melon TR pics- are ALL of them like this and yours looks 'empty'? It looks like even with overlap, it'll be visible. Ugh!!!
  7. I've been carrying it and it hasn't bothered me now. Especially after I re-arranged the flowers so they overlap better.
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