1. Don't know if this is of any help. I wrap my bandeau like this with a slight over hang on both sides and so far it works, as in the clasp rubs on to the bandeau rather than directly on the glaze when I wear it cross body or on shoulder. There is a way where you can tie it all around the flap a sure way of the clasp not ever touching the glazing but I've not tried it yet. 2018-05-14 17.19.53.jpg
  2. Thanks. I thought it may be this method but wasn’t sure
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  3. I'll be returning a PM to Yoogis this week so keep an eye out for it if you're in the market for a pre-loved PM. It was listed as 'like new' but that description is a stretch in my opinion. patina was light but had a few more water marks than I expected.

    I was able to snag one on the LV website over the weekend (yay!) but I might exchange it for the Clapton since I've heard it has a longer crossbody strap. I have a love hate relationship with the PM :smile:
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  4. The LV bandeau being wider works better to cover more of the side curvature of the flap area, more so than the bandeau bb I found which is narrower. Not sure about the hermes twillys though with how wide they are.
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  5. I don't see anything wrong with it.
  6. I do this as well, and sometimes wrap right around the flap
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  7. It’s just that I’ve never seen the plastic white part being so..small :P
    I’ve always seen the plastic part being as the third picture.
    That made me wonder if it’s fake or not, but I don’t think so as ProAuthenticators and Meme’s treasures both stated that it’s authentic.

    It was just intresting for me, not ever seeing it like that, and also wondering if someone on the thread had a similar plastic closure :smile:
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  8. Hello,do you remember me asking about buying a pochette metis in a very good price? But the glazing was all melted? Ok i purchased it and took the risk,took it to LV and after 4 weeks they called me my bag was ready...well it turns that they re did the glazing but they changed the handle that was a little stained by few water marks,I did not asked for that...then I noticed the front part seemed new...I checked the date code and guess what? It was from 2013 and now it says 09 week of 2018? Free of charge...I have no idea why they did that,does some one knows? Here the pics....
    Before pics:
    View attachment 4068294View attachment 4068295View attachment 4068296View attachment 4068297
  9. I guess that’s one way to fix it ;)
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  10. It looks like they changed there entire front flap, maybe the bag had tears in the canvas and they decided to totally redo it? Anyways you were really lucky getting the PM at a good price!
  11. Love this bandeau. It must be a couple years old? I don't recall seeing it :sad:
  12. Hi. I’m not sure how others do it but I figured I’d try my way. IMG_2513.jpg

    Where the hardware rubs the glazing (now covered by twilly)

    Basically just run the twilly across the under flap first Both my strap clasps rub so I prefer to protect both sides.

    Before I tried it I was thinking will it look kinda out of place... but I think it’s ok. What do you think ?
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  13. Thank you for sharing. I like this additional method. I will try it too.
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  14. IMG_1526584278.082520.jpg

    Finally joining the club with my reverse pochette Metis! I recently decided I absolutely had to have the bag and was actually about to buy it from a personal shopper but last minute decided to just put myself on a list and wait it out. I go to my store to do that and they actually had one in stock with no one on the waiting list before me. I never whipped my card out so fast lol
  15. Congratulations!!! This bag is gorgeous .