1. It is made in 2003 :smile:
  2. Thank you so much for your help Joe!
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  3. I know the authenticity card says the bag was bought in 2013 but there are 2 potential reasons for the decade difference:
    1) The card actually belongs to another Lady Dior bag. The seller of this bag may have purchased the card from the internet to go with this bag as it may have been bought second hand.
    2) This bag may have been one of the rare cases where it was "lost" in the stock inside the boutique in storage, and was retrieved years later.

    In any case, the bag you have is authentic.
  4. Could it be that the date is read as 13 July 2004 instead? Cos bag manufactured in 2003 can be sold in 2004 right?
  5. Totally possible as well. Not used to reading it that way myself.
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  7. Hello average joe!
    Would you please help me authenticate this dior wallet on chain please?
    Many thanks in advance!
  8. I believe this is authentic
  9. Hi AverageJoe,

    Can you authenticate this Dior scarf? I’m sorry if this is the wrong place to ask. Thank you!
  10. I believe this is authentic
  11. Thank you so much!
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  12. hello. bought this vintage bag from an online reseller. i think i did not ask for enough pictures so when I got the bag and examined it, i am now having doubts on its authenticity primarily because the date code is not alpha numeric. All the rest of the details look ok to me.

    Would someone kindly authenticate this bag. Thanks a heap!
    Item: CD Diorissimo Canvas Small Boston Bag