1. Congrats, djfmn, that'll be a lovely bag for sure! Do post pics when you get yours, I'd love to see how your Little Muse looks with the light blue lining and light gunmetal hardware! :tup:
    Thanks for the tip, vink! Marco has already sent me a replacement chain with both clasps that work beautifully, though... But if I can find some baby oil, I'll give this a go and see if I can get the original chain working! (It is really stuck though, will have to see if baby oil can work! :whut::lol:)
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  2. I don't think anyone does, my lovely bag bequeathing fairy! ;)
    Because I remember this exact model comparison discussion on here a few weeks ago and taking an informal poll about choosing one to order. Don't remember who. I now have the little athena and I would only order this for the handy external pocket instead of the little Muse. However I'm also not a huge fan of the muse design aesthetic with the rectangle of leather covering the handle attachments, in general. It just doesn't do it for me and thus I'm cured of any Muse lust in any size. So I'm the wrong person to ask but I am head over heels for little athena, for me it's like a smaller Angelica with handy external pocket and zipper closure standard (double bonus) that still holds everything and is perfect crossbody but still looks suitably formal/chic and is great hand held. It's just a slam dunk for me. Little Muse has open top and no pocket and the panel of leather on the front I don't love so I would personally never get it over the little athena.

    Sorry to ramble when I had very little to say per your actual question!
  3. Anyone else order Tulipano besides HBG? Looking forward to more reveals of this new style and seeing what creative combos you ladies have come up with.
  4. That’s ok. Actually, all kind of vegetable oil that you use for cooking works, too. ;)
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  5. Oooh, thanks for highlighting the zipper and outside pocket part. That can make a big difference.
  6. I did but I am not creative when it comes to combos for me. I am not a color block person. I love the color block bags that other ladies have made but I am just not a color block person myself. I went with a single color amethyst pompei which is perfect for me.
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    Should be pretty djfmn. I may try a solid color too. It's been a week or so since HBGs reveal so I was wondering if any others had arrived. Also I wondered how many people try new styles as not too many people revealed Alexias and a couple that did rehomed them. Didn't know if we were an early adopter group or do we tend to play it safe until we see examples. I've decided some styles are one is enough and other styles I would like multiples.
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  8. Sometimes I am an early adopter sometimes not. If I absolutely love the style when I first see which does not happen very often I will buy one immediately. Little Tulipano was one of those that I fell in love with immediately, so was the Zhoe, midi Selene and the midi Soulmate. The other styles that I have purchased I have waited to hear what other tpf ladies thought about them. Some styles do not appeal to me at all and although I often love them on other people but they would not work well for me. I love the look of midi Alexia but felt Little Muse was more my style. It is interesting to see how midi Alexia has been well liked by some of the ladies and some of them sold them just about immediately. Oh well it is good that we have all this choice from MM so that we can find something that works for us. I am super excited about Little Tulipano and Little Muse. Now that I am not working full time I find that I do not need large bags and that I prefer smaller bags.
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  9. I'm not color blocking person. It's already very hard for me to decide for the lining. But I do like some pieces of other people.

    I think yours sounds just fine. ;)
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  10. I think we're quite a mix, but I notice that some of the early adopter members now post less. I believe they still order since when they post, it'll be a big lot or the newly released style, but for the chatting and everything else, they post less.

    For me, personally, many of the newer style such as Alexia, Victoria, Modena, and Muse are just not my style so I didn't order anything at all.

    Anyway, to add in the fun, I did place orders for little Valerie (S) With the number of orders they're receiving, I hope they get here before my trip in July. I want something a bit bigger than a Chanel WOC and I've been lusting after one leather for the longest, not to mention I love a couple of the newly released leathers, so this will be quite a big order for me.

    I just hope Marco get enough order to keep his business running for a long time.
  11. I agree.
  12. I think Marco must be getting alot of orders because it seems to take longer to receive bags. My first order was in my hands in 2 weeks. My last order was 3 weeks ago and still hasn't shipped. I hope that means Marco's business is growing. That's good news/ bad news as the more popular brand becomes the longer we will have to wait for our treasures .
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  13. Oh, boy, you all are in for something BIG AND BOLD! My baby is here and she's LOUD!
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  14. Come back!!!!! Don’t keep us hanging!!!!
  15. ????