1. Yes, @eagle1002us it was all quite orderly and civilized. Indoors at the convention center, with access to washrooms and a coffee shop. Security was polite and friendly as they directed the lineup. After an hour they started handing out numbers so I felt comfortable asking the folks in front of me to hold my place while I went to the washroom.
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  2. I wore my most comfortable shoes. And I ended up sitting on the floor every once in a while. Several people in groups did the same thing.
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  3. What is the significance of the colors in the scarf?
  4. Hoods are color coordinated based on the school and the degree you receive. The purple represents my JD and the red and blue are my school colors!
  5. @cafecreme15 Hooray!!! Very happy for you! :drinks:
    @Genie27 Great purchases! I am especially interested in seeing how you will style Iris moussie.
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  6. How fun! And exhausting :smile:
    Some of my grails there!
    I would wait 4 hours for Savana Dance or Sieste au Paradis!
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  7. So bear in mind, there are no mirrors, so you are buying blind - it helps to have some pre-selections in mind. I almost got a sieste but it was a very dark teal with black and ochre trees. It made me feel a bit sad so I put it back. There is a prettier brighter teal but I didn’t see that one. Lots of Zenobie and SD CWs. Oddly enough I selected two different CWs of Cav Fleuri in grey with the blue and purplish borders/flowers, but again - I felt they would be too grey on me. The pink mer/ciel made me happy - I can’t say no to pink. The purple/salmon seemed like it could be worn conservatively on me. So even though I prefer not to duplicate, I got them both. I find zenobie and SD overpower me.

    One of the larger security guards was wearing the navy/gold zenobie as a neck scarf, and he gave us layout tips on where everything was. That helped me orient, as 20 minutes goes fast. My main goal was csgms but most in my cohort went to twillies and 90s so I had room to browse. So I selected several and went into a corner to narrow down to 4. The moussie was a no brainer. They had plumes as well. I would have loved a changeant

    Oddly enough when I tried them on at home the “conservative” navy Brazil MT seemed the least exciting to me. Will have to see how that pans out. The MT table was a mess, so I just took what I wanted. I put back the teal version at cash.

    @Moirai, I may wear my iris moussie with my Versailles C jacket. The muted shades may complement but I have to test.
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  8. Oh yeah there were some Appaloosa CWs as well. Overall, I’d say it’s a great chance for bargain hunters who are not super picky to purchase old stock at decent prices.
  9. Well done Genie, sounds like a splendid haul!

    Can't go wrong with anything there, but I must say I adore the navy MT (mine is black Brazil) and we're moussie Iris sisters, if you don't have one already, you are going to love this scarf.
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  10. IMO, sometimes that can be better because you know exactly which ones are going to work and you still hanker after after the novelty of the new season has worn off.
  11. Not exactly dress-up Tuesday but DH came all the way down from Scotland after dealing with a flood in our house. We then walked to town and he bought me a new phone (that's way too techy and complex for me really - no, I don't want to speak to Google thank you). Walked back through the scenic route. Where's the water gone? Wish my house was as dry!
  12. Glad you got to go, Genie. I'm looking forward to your mod pic.
    Sorry to hear about your house, PT. You look great especially with the pop of red. Wish I could look as stylish in a cap.
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  13. Great selection, Genie, and at those prices - super fun!!
  14. It's amazing that some of this stuff is still full price in boutiques. Is it regional or something?
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  15. Oh to be by the sea.....You look great! I am sorry about the disaster at home though, Hope it is resolved without too much cash outlay.
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