1. Oh thanks! I bought them from an independent jeweller in the UK :smile:
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  2. I see. Thanks
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  3. Yurman. ..always, or simple diamond studs.
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  4. Lord, I hope these pics won' be too big. I wore these earrings & bracelet for our low country boil Mother's Day family get together.
    20180513_190828.jpg 20180513_190953.jpg
  5. Not too big at all! I absolutely love that cuff/ bracelet
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  6. Thank you, Cyanide Rose. I've had the cuff for a while but didn't have other pieces to go with it. It's Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, Chrome Diopside, London Blue Topaz & Sky Blue Topaz. The earrings are London Blue, Swiss Blue, & White Topaz & Chrome Diopside. I would love to find a ring & maybe a pendant that would blend with it.
  7. You’re quite welcome, the combination of this variety of gemstones is just gorgeous. I must say sleeping beauty turquoise is one of my favorite gemstones ever. It’s sooo pretty. Finding a pendant or a ring to match, would really be icing on the cake. I really do hope you find both. Chrome diopside is such a rich gemstone, it’s truly mesmerizing
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  8. Wedding set, tulip ring, Hermes Petit H bracelet, and my Lauren Klassen necklace (not pictured):
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  9. What are unique and beautiful wedding set. What is the center stone?
  10. Thank you! It's a pink sapphire.
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  11. It’s stunning!
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  12. Antique silver and paste with a supposedly natural pearl center pendant in modern velvet choker
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  13. IMG_1279.jpg
    My yellow Diamond earrings and my ring
  14. Turquoise ring
  15. love it! the pearl matches your blouse
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