1. I listed my brand new Neverfull MM on eBay a few days ago and it just sold today. I stated that I would include "proof of purchase" (receipt) in the listing but have read several threads here and there stating that it might be best to keep original receipts. I'm torn on what I should do since I did say that it would be included in the listing. Any advice would be great! TIA
  2. You can include a photocopy with your sensitive information hidden. Whoever needs it in the future won't need the physical receipt, rather the information about where and to whom the bag was sold initially.
  3. Thanks!
  4. I always state a copy of the receipt will be provided. I then just scan it and edit my details out, they can just print it if needed. I'd also be happy to photocopy it if they really wanted a physical copy sent but that has never been requested of me.