1. image.jpeg Hi, I realized like many, that I haven't been wearing my Firsts and City Bals since the strap is so short. Mine are all 2007-2008. Has anyone tried the new Logo strap, and how do you like it?
  2. I have definitely seen Bal-lovers on the forum have this on their cities. I'm sorry I can't remember any names, but I would check the "which Bal are you wearing today" thread!
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  3. Great! Thanks!
    I found one of the threads that said they sell the longer black leather strap at the Balenciaga stores. I think it is more reasonably priced too:smile:
  4. The only store in the U.S. that still sells a longer black strap for $165 plus tax is in Las Vegas (Crystals). Believe me, I've called every store, and it was the only place. I got mine last month, and they ground-shipped it for free to NY!
  5. Do these straps stay on your shoulders? I find that the straps on my Bals always slip off my shoulders.
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  6. Yes, they stay much longer on your shoulders than the shorter straps do. I had exactly the same problem, so I bought the crossbody one.
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  7. Thanks for that ! The price is good!
  8. Thank you for posting this! It looks amazing ! I hope you're enjoying it. I just received mine from Nordstrom, so I will try it out on a couple of my Bals.
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  9. I’m hoping to buy a longer strap as well.
  10. Unfortunately, it ended up being way too long for me. It only adjusted on one side and maybe an inch and a half.
    At the highest adjustment it hung the bag below my hip- I'm just under 5'6.
    I have the old version of the Town and it is similar but longer than that. 46 inches long.
  11. I had a shoe repair place make one for mine, for a grand total of $80. :biggrin:
  12. I have the long strap from my 04 black messenger PH which I use with my 03 black First and 03 black City!:biggrin:
  13. This strap was a good investment
    I love to use it
  14. Very nice indeed !!! :loveeyes::loveeyes::loveeyes:

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